598 There should be no other thoughts

    Everyone in the hall widened their eyes incredulously. If... if this was true, then... then, did it not mean that they had become a family with the Ghost Doctor?

    Thinking of this, one by one, their faces flushed red with excitement. Waves of excitement crashed into their hearts and stirred up a thousand waves!

    Lin Chengzhi was still stunned in stupor and it took awhile for him to come back to his senses. After a few moments, he asked: "Grandfather, Father, would you like to summon the younger generation back from their academies?"

    When they heard this, everyone paused and gave it a thought and when it dawned upon them what he meant, they slapped their thighs one by one with gusto.

    "Summon! Call them back! Immediately! You have to call them back, you must!" An elder could not help but chortled: "It's Su Xi's wedding, how can they as juniors, not come back?"

    "That's right, you have to summon them back. There's still time, after this, all of you are to send out the letters to make sure that they all come back in time to attend the wedding."

    "Yes, that's right, for such an auspicious occasion, how can you not let them come back?"

    "No, no, no. There are too many family members, if they were all to come back, there would be too many people. Just let those who are at least sixteen years old from the direct line of descendants to attend. Also, just let the males attend, as for the females, there's no need to."

    Seeing the excitement of several of the elderly who were so excited that they had lost all their composure, Lin Boheng was stunned for a moment before he saw his grandfather smile but did not speak. He could not help but swept his gaze at his son who was at his side, before he let out a light cough.

    "How about this, I suggest that we let the descendents in the manor take this opportunity to go to the Phoenix Empire and have a look. It is a good thing to get closer to Feng Lass but if you have any other thoughts, I wouldn't recommend it."

    When he spoke of this, Lin Boheng spoke with the attitude as the head of the family and continued on with a serious tone: "First of all, the Feng Family's lass is the Princess of the Phoenix Empire. Secondly, let's not to mention whether or not she is the Ghost Doctor first, just based on her disposition and manner of doing things, let alone our younger generation, even those in our generation are also inferior to her in this aspect. Thirdly, Father and Second Brother do not know this, but several elders know of it. The man in black robes who came with her was the Hell's Lord of the Hell's Palace. His relationship with Feng Lass was out of the ordinary. It would only be counterproductive if you approach her with ulterior motives."

    When they heard this, everyone gradually calmed down and analyzed before they looked at each other and nodded.

    "When it is time to send the bride, let the younger generation of the family go together and let them see the world. There should be no other thoughts, in addition, regarding our speculation, just knowing it is good enough, you must never tell others."

    The Old Patriarch spoke up and warned everyone as he looked at each and every one of them sternly. After everyone respectfully agreed, he then said: "All right, go and do what you need to do, everyone is dismissed!"

    "Yes, we shall take our leave first." All the people paid their respects and dispersed.

    "Chengzhi." Lin Boheng called his son.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Father." He turned to look at him and his grandfather seated in the head position.

    "You are the next master of the clan. You have to think twice before you speak. You are the eldest grandson. Every word you say, every action you make represents our Lin family. You cannot make any mistakes." Lin Boheng spoke in a sullen manner.

    When he heard this, Lin Chengzhi was startled and smiled: "Father, please rest assured, your son knows. I only said that just now thinking that the children of the family can have an eye-opening opportunity that's all. There's no other meaning behind it at all. After all, for Aunt's wedding, people from various kingdoms would be attending and I thought that it would be nice to gather together to attend such an occasion."
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