599 Difficult to advance

    He waved a hand, "Mm, you can go now." After the crowd withdrew, he spoke with the Old Patriarch in the hall for a while. Then, they left together.

    Two days later, Feng Jiu and the others returned to the Phoenix Empire. After finished handing over matters, she returned to the Feng Residence in order to cultivate in seclusion.

    Since the betrothal gifts were already sent out, she was not needed for the next wedding matters. As for her grandfather, she already had the potions to advance cultivations ready for him based on the level he could breakthrough.

    After all matters were taken care of, she must also cultivate in seclusion. Her grandfather's wedding ceremony was bound to be very lively. Before that, her strength needed to be upgraded. Since she could not make a breakthrough in her spirit energy cultivation, she would work on her mystical energy cultivation.

    She devoted herself to cultivate inside the spatial space and paid no attention to the outside world. During this period, the wedding invitations were sent to the other neighbouring ninth-grade country rulers. Several clans in the Cloudy Moon City also received them. As the time drew closer, people from many countries gradually arrived.

    Half a month before the wedding, Lin Boheng along with the Lin family attendants personally sent his sister to a previously arranged house in Cloudy Moon City. Su Xi's other brothers and the younger generations of the Lin clan also came along.

    They came flying on an airship in a great fanfare. Everyone in the city also knew that the reigning Emperor's father was marrying a daughter of the Lin clan. Although very curious, they couldn't even have a proper glimpse because the procession was accompanied by several Nascent Soul rank cultivators. Ordinary people couldn't approach them.

    Meanwhile, inside the spatial space, Feng Jiu sat cross-legged entering the realm. She forgot the time and place, even her grandfather's wedding day. At this time, a bountiful mystical energy circulated throughout her body.

    Since her own body was originally a mystical energy body and her meridians were already opened, her cultivation speed was much faster than others. In addition, she had the spatial space containing the spirit of Heaven and Earth as her place of cultivation. Further supplemented with medicinal potions, her cultivation speed was extraordinary.

    Her concentrated effort in cultivating inside the spatial space these recent days resulted in a very fast progress in her mystical energy rank. She reached the initial stage of Martial Ancestor rank. Even so, she had no intention of stopping, intending to breakthrough this current rank and enter the Martial Emperor rank.

    However, since entering Martial Ancestor rank, her cultivation speed had slowed down visibly. It was as if an invisible force was hindering her progress so that she could no longer continue her advancement. For this reason, she drank a bottle of medicine but could only get to the peak stage of Martial Ancestor rank. She still couldn't cross the last threshold.

    So she stopped the Mystical Energy cultivation and switched to practice martial arts in meditation. She practiced all kinds of martial arts over and over in her mind, stopping when her body was in a state of exhaustion and unable to continue meditating. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.


    She exhaled softly. After gathering her breath, she opened her eyes slowly. When her eyes fully opened, it seemed as if her aura had totally transformed again. The little Fire Phoenix, sitting not far away while chewing a piece of ginseng, also noticed the change.

    "Here, to replenish your vitality," The soft and cute voice of a little boy rang out. A piece of ginseng was thrown at her.

    Feng Jiu stared at the ginseng that fell in her arms. She smiled, shaking her head. She took the ginseng and placed in into her mouth and chewed it.
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