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    "I can't finish this entire root of ginseng, keep it for yourself!" As she chewed the ginseng in her mouth, she realized that she had been in here for a long period of time and she quickly got up and exclaimed: "I need to go back, they might be looking for me!"

    As she was speaking, she looked at the Little Fire Phoenix who sat beside her, wearing only a bib and sitting there hugging the rest of the ginseng while chewing, revealing an extra layer of bulge that obviously had just been put on recently. She could not help but ask, "Do you want to go out as well? I think it's still better that you follow me out. Look at you, staying here all day and slacking away, just cultivating a bit. If you eat ginseng everyday, you will only grow fatter and if you continue on staying here, the next time I come in, you would have turned into a round ball."

    As soon as he heard this, Little Fire Phoenix instinctively lowered his head and looked down at himself: "Where am I fat? I don't see it." During their conversation, another piece of ginseng was pulled out from behind and he took a big bite out of it and started chewing it with gusto.

    Feng Jiu pursed her lips and took a step forward helplessly as she hugged him. She gently brought this little brat into her embrace, she could not help but smile: "Although you've put on some weight, you're still so adorable. Let's go! I'll take you out to play, don't always stay here."

    The moment the Little Fire Phoenix, who originally did not have the intention to go out, heard her praise him, his little mouth silently curved upwards and said, "Alright then? Since you want me to go out so badly, I will go out and have a look!"

    "Little brat."

    She chuckled and smacked his little butt, causing him to blush and stare at her before he said: "I have to change my clothes first, after changing then we'll go!"

    Finally, after changing his attire did the Little Fire Phoenix follow her out. When she appeared in the room, she let Little Fire Phoenix play in the manor. After Leng Shuang prepared the hot water, she soaked in the bath while inquiring about what happened recently.

    "The Lin Family's people has arrived in Cloudy Moon City. The younger generation of Lin Family came to visit two days ago, but they couldn't enter. Luo Yu blocked them and told them that Mistress was cultivating in seclusion and was not seeing any guests."

    "The various rulers of the small countries have also arrived one after another, accompanied by their family. They have all been arranged to stay in the Palace. The Feng Guards have already sorted out the information of the various owners and the information of the accompanying royal family, only awaiting Mistress to come out of your seclusion to peruse."

    Soaking in the hot bath and listening to Leng Shuang's report, she replied and got out of the bath, dried herself and put on her clothes. She then went to the dressing table and sat down. Leng Shuang stepped forward to dry her hair.

    "Prepare some food for me and let them take the prepared information and wait for me to enter the Palace together." She gave her instructions and motioned her to prepare.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Yes." Leng Shuang replied and went out.

    After drying her hair, she combed her hair twisted it slightly, took out a silver ribbon, and tied part of it. She let the rest of her hair cascaded down naturally, spotting a simple yet elegant hairdo.

    When she came to the closet, she picked a white dress that was embroidered with a silver cloud pattern on the collar and the hem. After changing into it, she left her room and saw that the servants had already set the meal on the table and the chubby Little Fire Phoenix was already there and even stole some wine.

    Looking at the little red face of the Little Fire Phoenix, she stared at him incredulously, "You stole some sips of wine?"

    "No." The moment the little guy saw her, he immediately denied it but the scent of wine and that red face could not fool anyone.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu shook her head: "You just ate ginseng and now you are drinking wine? Don't come looking for me later."
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