601 Princes in the Palace

    The little fella did not seem to care, afterall, he was of the fire attribute. The wine was strong and ginseng was a supplement to replenish one's vitality. Even if the two added together, for an ordinary person, he wouldn't be able to take it but he will never have any problems. At most, the flame in his body would rise a bit.

    "Mistress, this is the report." Leng Shuang came back and place the documents in front of her and after glancing at the Little Fire Phoenix for a moment, she stood to the side.

    While eating, Feng Jiu looked through it and in addition to the person's information, there was also a portrait of the person so she could identify clearly.

    After her meal, she spent about an hour perusing the details. After she was done with it, she handed over the report which she finished reading over to Leng Shuang and asked: "Is the carriage ready? Call the few of them and we'll head over to the Palace together."

    "Everything is already prepared, they are waiting outside the manor."

    "Mn." After she replied, she held Little Fire Phoenix's hand and walked out with him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    When they came out, the moment Luo Yu and the rest saw Little Fire Phoenix, their expressions changed slightly. They had seen this child once before, he suddenly appeared and suddenly disappeared. They didn't expect him to appear in the manor once again.

    "Greetings, Mistress." The eight men regained their senses and paid their respects to her.

    Feng Jiu glanced at them and said: "After entering the Palace, you will take the Feng Guards and lead various teams to patrol the Palace. During this time, don't let there be any accidents."


    The few of them replied and watched her go up the carriage with that child that had obviously became rounder. Only after they had boarded the carriage did they ride by the side and escorted the carriage to the Palace.

    At this time in the Palace, the various Rulers of the surrounding small countries and the accompanying Princes were all in the Palace. They were free to move around on their own, hence at some pavilions or flower forests, the young Princes gathered together.

    Drinking tea, tasting wine, enjoying the sights of the flowers and talking about beautiful women was the most discussed subject among these Princes. And their most heated topic at the moment was none other than Princess of the Phoenix Empire - Feng Qing Ge.

    "I heard that the beauty of the Princess of the Phoenix Empire is unparalleled. It is a pity, it seems that she does not live in the Palace, but at the Feng Residence instead. We've been here at the Palace for a few days and have not seen the Princess yet. I really want to know if she is as beautiful as what the rumours have made her out to be?"

    "According to my knowledge, not only is she beautiful, but the way she does things is even more extraordinary. Before she became a Princess, she actually dared to refuse the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country's proposal. This kind of courage does not belong to the average woman. I really want to meet this Princess of the Phoenix Empire, Feng Qing Ge." A man dressed in magnificent robes said casually while playing with the cup in his hand.

    That pair of gentle eyes were filled with the sharp glint of a wolf, and a trace of interest flashed past his eyes and a look of interest was apparent on his face.

    "Yes, I really want to meet her as well, but there's no need to worry. She will definitely appear on the wedding day of the Grand Emperor."

    Another Prince continued on, compared to the gentle Prince before, this Prince was completely different, just his appearance alone, just his strong and burly silhouette that resembled a mighty bear gave people a feeling of raw strength.

    "In this Palace, there is nothing else leisurely to do. Why don't we organize an outing and take a trip out of the Palace?" One of the Prince looked at the others and suggested in anticipation.

    Just as one of them was about to nod his head, he saw a figure passing by and his eyes sparkled.
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