602 Princes block the path

    "I didn't expect to see such a stunning person in this Palace. Look, that lady is really beautiful." He signaled everyone to look.

    Everyone followed his line of sight and saw that a lady dressed in white was walking by. Her white dress was drifting in the wind and her figure was exquisite. What attracted them most was that impeccable face of hers, she was really beautiful. Even for these Princes who were used to looking at beautiful women all day were captivated at one glance.

    "This woman has an outstanding temperament, her dress is simple yet elegant and is so beautiful. She's most probably Feng Qing Ge." The gentle Prince looked at Feng Jiu not far away and made a judgment.

    When they heard this, each and every one of them had on a different expression: "She is the Princess of the Phoenix Empire? Such devastating beauty that's capable of causing the downfall of a country, it is no wonder that even the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country fell in love at first sight. She really is an enchanting beauty that people can't move their eyes away from."

    "I just said that we didn't have a chance to meet her at all and now here she is. This must be fate! Why don't we invite her to come over? She is the host, naturally she can't reject us as guests. What do you think?" That Prince who said it was not very old but he looked to be frightening asked and smiled, his eyes fixated on Feng Jiu who was not far away.

    When everyone heard it, their eyes lit up: "Of course this is a great idea! It is our honor to have such a beautiful Princess accompanying us, isn't it?"

    After they said it, they strode over while laughing, intending to block the way of Feng Jiu and invite her to the pavilion to join them.

    Feng Jiu was holding onto the hand of the Little Fire Phoenix and was walking towards the Palace. She was followed by Leng Shuang who was dressed entirely in black, while Luo Yu and the others had gone to look for the Feng Guards.

    "Those people have been staring at you." The Little Fire Phoenix who held onto Feng Jiu's hand was toddling behind her with his short legs. His eyes looked at those people with displeasure.

    "It should be the Princes of the neighboring countries. There's no need to care about them." She didn't even bother to look at them and continued to walk forward. She was planning to enter the Palace to see how her Grandfather's cultivation had progressed and had no intention to waste her time on those people.

    "But they are coming over." Little Fire Phoenix said as his gaze became shifty, not knowing what idea was brewing in that mind of his. Just when his words ended, the Princes approached and blocked their path.

    "You must be the Princess of the Phoenix Empire. I didn't expect to see the Princess so soon. It really is a pleasant surprise." A Prince smiled and said as he looked at the beautiful Feng Jiu up close in appreciation and when his line of sight shifted, even Leng Shuang who was behind her was not missed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "I heard that the Princess of the Phoenix Empire's Royal Highness is a devastating beauty that's capable of causing the downfall of a country. Meeting you here today made me realize that you look even better in person than the rumours. Your Royal Highness, some of us are drinking wine over there and I wonder if the Princess will grant us the honour?" Another Prince also said and his leering gaze landed on Feng Jiu's body.

    Leng Shuang's face turned cold, especially when she saw that they used such obnoxious gazes to look at her Mistress. A deep murderous intent shrouded her body, but since her Mistress did not say anything, she could not let it out and she could only resist the urge to kill.

    At this moment, Feng Jiu also slightly wrinkled her eyebrows. She glanced at the people in front of her and in a light and alienated tone, she said: "Sorry, there are still things that this Princess needs to do, so I will not be able to accompany you." She walked forward with Little Fire Phoenix but a pair of hands blocked her path.
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