603 Feng Jiu’s plo

    She narrowed her eyes and looked at the hands in front of her eyes frostily but the moment she raised her head, a smile appeared on her face. She was showing a harmless smile and her gaze landed on the burly man that stood in front of her and swept her gaze by the other few people by the side, and said with a smile: "Several Princes really want the company of this Princess?"

    When everyone saw her showing the the girlish temperament that revealed a haughty yet lovable side, they all laughed. She was just but a fifteen to sixteen year old girl. She was stopped by so many of them, how could she still be calm?

    At the moment, some of them laughed and said: "Afterall, Princess is the host so you have to do your best to entertain your guests, right?"

    "That's right, it must be fate to be able to meet the Princess here. We would like to invite Your Highness to join us at the pavilion and enjoy some wine tasting, appreciate the flowers, gossip a few words and hope that Princess will not deny us this opportunity."

    "If Princess does not like wine tasting, you can also accompany us around the Palace. As long as we have Princess accompanying us, we will be happy." Another Prince said as he stared at her with a burning gaze.

    Looking at the fervent wolf-like gazes on her body, as if she was a harmless lamb, the smile on Feng Jiu's face deepened. She looked at them and shook her head.

    "This Princess has no interest in wine tasting, enjoying flowers and the likes."

    "Oh? What does Princess like then?" The gentle Prince asked, his sharp eyes staring intently at her, and felt that the Princess of the Phoenix Empire was no different from any other.

    She glanced at the man with a smile on her face: "In my leisure time, this Princess prefers to learn and exchange pointers with others by sparring."

    When they heard this, everyone was surprised and no one spoke for a while and they just stood there and stared at her.

    "If Princes are interested, this Princess is very happy to accompany all of you to exchange pointers, but I just do not know... if you all have that guts?"

    She looked at them with a raised brow. [Weren't they looking for her to accompany them? She can do it, but do they have the guts?!]

    After everyone heard her words, the first thing that they thought of was about how the Princess of this Phoenix Empire was said to be extraordinary. With this in mind, they looked back at her a couple of times and simply couldn't imagine how terrible such a petite woman could be.

    In addition, the arrogance of the Princes who were swayed by her words did not want to say that they did not have the guts, so they all responded with fervor.

    "Why don't we dare? Exchanging pointers with Princess is a chance we couldn't ask for more!"

    "Yes, I heard that the Princess is very talented, and this Prince would like to find out more."

    "Ha ha ha, I have long thought about having an exchange with Your Royal Highness. I will not miss this opportunity."

    These seven famous Princes were laughing and found it ridiculous. They did not feel that the strength of this young lady was above them. They could accompany their Imperial Fathers here on this trip which signified that the strength of these Princes were the most outstanding ones. How could they be afraid of a mere young lady?

    Since she said that she wanted to exchange pointers with each other, they just took advantage of this opportunity to grind down the prestige of their Phoenix Empire. Men and women will exchange pointers against each other. If there is anything that should not be touched out there, it can only be attributed to be purely unintentional. Such an opportunity, how can they let it go?

    However, just as they were excited and looking forward to it, they saw the beautiful woman's brow twist slightly on her face and she shook her head with distress.

    "It is very rude of me to exchange pointers on our very first meeting. If I accidentally hurt everyone, it would enrage the various Emperors. If the relationship between our two countries turn sour, after thinking about it, let's forget it!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.
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