604 A very deep ploy

    Forget it? What did she mean by forget it?

    Just as they were excited and looking forward to exchanging blows with her, yet they heard her say forget it? How could they just forget it?

    Everything went silent for a moment as they stared at her with wide eyes and their mouths were opened so wide that a duck egg could be stuffed in.

    Especially when they saw the expression on her face that was filled with hesitation and distress, it was as if victory could be attained so easily and that riled them up even further.

    Little Fire Phoenix whose hand was held by Feng Jiu rolled his eyes, he knew that this woman was scheming again. Exchange blows with her? These few idiots were simply rushing to get beaten up by her.

    "Princess feels that you will not be able to prevail that is why you have changed your mind right?"

    "That's right, Princess has too little confidence in us, do you think that if we lose to Your Highness in the exchange, we will complain to our Imperial Father?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Exchanging moves has its own rules and is not a life and death stage. No lives will be lost, that's why it would not have any impact on the relations between our two countries. This point, Princess can rest assured."

    "That's right, not to mention, how would Princess know that we would lose? Exchanging moves is between two people, perhaps we may accidentally hurt Your Highness instead?"

    Looking at the reaction of the Princes all around, that gentle Prince did not speak but studied Feng Jiu for a long time before he said, "If it makes Princess feel better, why don't we sign an agreement of guarantee? Be it us or Your Highness, everything was done voluntarily and if anyone is accidentally injured, it cannot be pursued. How does this sound?"

    "Mn, Little Prince feels that this is a great idea."

    "That's right, this Prince also agrees."

    "Yes, signing a guarantee would save any future misunderstandings."

    Listening to them agree to it fervently one by one, with their eyes glued onto her, they were only waiting for her to respond. Feng Jiu smiled and revealed a harmless and pure smile and said, "Sure, this way, this Princess would no longer have to worry about it."

    After she spoke, Leng Shuang had already taken out a brush and paper from her space and held it in front of Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu took the brush and it flew across the paper like a dance as she wrote the guarantee, stating that this was voluntary by both parties and if any party was to have any accident resulting from the exchange, it would not be pursued and would not damage the diplomatic relationship between the countries. Finally, she signed her name on it and also motioned for the other Princes to sign.

    Everyone took a step forward and had a look through it and felt that everything was all right before they signed it.

    Feng Jiu kept that piece of paper which everyone had signed on and revealed a satisfied smile on her lips. After giving them a last glance, she brought them to the training grounds.

    At this moment, the Princes were exhilarated deep in their hearts and excitedly waiting in anticipation, thinking that they could take advantage of her while exchanging blows. Feeling proud of themselves, none of them knew that they had already fallen deep into Feng Jiu's ploy...

    As the Palace was filled with many foreign dignitaries, the Feng Guards had stepped up on their patrol hence the training grounds which was usually filled was very much empty at the moment.

    Seeing that there were only a dozen guards training, the gentle Prince looked at Feng Jiu and asked, "May we know how would Your Highness like to proceed with it?"

    Feng Jiu glanced at him and after she signalled to Little Fire Phoenix to stay by Leng Shuang side she then stepped up to the competition stage. From on top, she looked down at all the Princes and said, "This Princess still has something to do and have no time to waste. Fighting one to one takes up too much time, how about this! All of you just come at me together, it's simple and the fastest method."

    When they heard her arrogant words, all the Princes were infuriated. One against eight? She was really too arrogant!

    One of them could no longer endure it and jumped up onto the stage and shouted: "Just let this Little Prince start about with Your Highness!"
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