605 Why didn’t you strike with your hands?

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu smiled. "That's fine, too. Anytime you want to stop, you just need to admit defeat."

    "Admitting defeat? Haha, Princess really knows how to joke." With a sneer, the Prince cupped his fists in a salute. "Please." As soon as he spoke, he directly attacked Feng Jiu without showing any courtesy of a gentleman.

    Feng Jiu's lips curved up slightly. The other party's attack was too slow in her view. His moves were shot full of holes. Had she not wanted to take this opportunity to tidy them up, she would have been too lazy to do it herself.

    When the palm strike came in front of her, she moved her foot slightly and dodged to the side without moving her hands. She just raised her foot and kicked the other person's knee at an extremely fast speed. The Prince lost his stability and gasped painfully. The back of his knee couldn't bear the force and his whole body lurched forward, almost falling to the ground.

    When he looked back, he saw that she hadn't even moved her hands. She only used her feet. He could not help burning with anger. Feeling humiliated, he asked angrily, "Why didn't you strike with your hands?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Feng Jiu's eyes blinked, showing goodwill on her face. But her next words made him tremble with anger.

    "It's okay using my foot, this Princess was afraid the Prince couldn't take my hand moves."


    His anger rose. He didn't see her as a girl, either. Powered by mystical energy, his palm suddenly swept forward and chopped toward her neck. Unexpectedly, Feng Jiu lifted her foot and used the tip of her foot to kick at his palm at the point between the thumb and index finger. It looked powerless but hid abundant mystical energy. When his palm move instantly turned into mystical energy, she threw several spin kicks, hitting his body continuously.

    "Hiss, ah!" He shouted out in pain. He lost his balance and pedalled backwards.

    The others watched them and their expressions changed while another person jumped on the stage. "I will accompany Her Highness!"

    The Prince leapt high, sweeping across with his leg. His imposing motion was truly able to totally annihilate the enemies. However, when Feng Jiu kicked the acupuncture point in his thigh and an unbearable aching and numbness stroke him. He jumped out of the stage in embarrassment.

    His legs were tightly cramped up. He wanted to reach out and rub the source of pain. However, it was located near the crotch and he didn't want to act disrespectful in front of the people. So, for a moment, he twisted his body left and right while taking a breath secretly. Even his expression looked strange.

    "Prince, are you alright?" Feng Jiu asked kindly, looking deeply concerned. After some thoughts, she spoke, "Actually, this Princess' foot didn't use much force. It shouldn't hurt very much."

    The Prince's face reddened. He felt choked and couldn't utter any words.

    He felt no pain, but the limp and numb feelings were similar to millions upon millions of insects were gnawing and biting him to the bone. He endured it all until he was having goose pimples all over. It was worse than a sharp pain.

    Seeing that even two people who came up to the stage lost in one move, several other Princes' expressions turned unsightly. They thought that the two Princes' countries were definitely too weak. Even they couldn't succeed with that kind of tactic. It was really shameful.

    The rest of them looked at each other. "Princess has displayed a consummate skill. To avoid falling into the same situation as the two Princes. We won't be easy on you anymore."

    Once these words uttered, several people jumped on the stage and circled around Feng Jiu, trapping her in the middle.

    "Princess, if you can't take it, you must admit defeat. We will stop at once."
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