606 Not dead, yet getting skinned

    Several of them immediately rushed forward with the mystical energy, wanting to grasp her foot and body. First, they would surround her and then tidy her up.

    Even the gentle Prince and the burly Prince with strength like a bear and litheness like a tiger lost their face this time because after Feng Jiu beat them and turned them into dimwits. They were so angry and humiliated. They only wanted to teach her a lesson, so they followed suit in attacking her.

    After seeing this scene for a while, Feng Jiu broke into laughter. "Princes, if you don't want to exchange blows with me, you can say it straight and admit defeat. How come it gets so muddled? You're also lacking in manners."

    Who would have thought that she'd better not saying those words? As soon as she spoke, all her faces turned unsightly and sinister.

    Admit defeat? She said they didn't want to admit defeat? Obviously, she didn't even give them the chance to open their mouth to do so. Didn't everyone see that the defeated Prince was beaten every time he started speaking? He was kicked off of the stage.

    Each of them was also the Prince of a country. How could they lose face like that? What's more, they were in disbelief. There were so many of them, yet they couldn't win against her!

    At this moment, they had not thought about their actions being so muddled. They thought that admitting defeat would result in losing their face as a sovereign country's Princes even more.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu didn't want to play with them any more. Besides, her anger vanished after witnessing their badly bruised noses and swollen faces. After all, she came to attend her grandfather's wedding. Of course, she couldn't go too far.

    So, when she saw them coming, she kicked them off the stage with one foot. Some of them rolled off the stage after getting kicked on their shoulders. Some of them were unlucky to be booted at the face, while the rest got kicked in the stomach and flew out in a flash.



    They rolled off the stage one by one while letting out painful grunts. Their clothes, originally bright-coloured, were in a mess. Their faces were comical, greenish-black on the right side of the cheek and swollen on the left.

    They pulled themselves up from the ground with none of their previous dashing spirits remained. There was a hint of respect under their clenched fists. Although they were arrogant, they were also aware that Feng Qingge could repel the eight of them with her excellent skill and cultivation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    It was also at this moment that they understood why she dared to reject Green Gallop Country's crown Prince's marriage offer and why she dared to fight against Murong Bo when she was left alone at the Feng estate.

    In addition to her skills and accomplishments, her schemes were incomparable to theirs. She caught their contemptuous attitude toward her and dug a pit to tidy them up.

    Comparing notes sounded too pleasant. Speaking frankly, it was the price to pay for their impudence. They rushed forward to give her a beating in vain.

    The thought of the previously signed written pledge filled them with indignation. She had long calculated them but they were really complacent, looking forward to taking advantage of her while comparing notes.

    Who would have known, instead of taking advantage, they were severely punished.

    "Gentlemen, after comparing notes in martial arts, this Princess will not accompany you to pay. If you haven't played to your heart's content, you can continue here. This Princess will go first."

    She smiled gently. Her white skirt fluttered when she flicked her sleeves. Her beautiful face was filled with smiles while she stood on the stage looking down at them. They stared while in a sorry state, making her smile deepen. Then she stepped off the stage and left with Little Fire Phoenix and Leng Shuang, leaving behind those several people looking at each other in dismay and choked with anger...
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