608 His gaze roamed all around

    After leaving the place, Feng Jiu initially intended to see her father first, but she heard from the Feng Guard that her father was talking with other countries' rulers. Therefore, she went to see her grandfather first.

    However, she did not find him in his palace. After asking around, she learned that he had gone to a bamboo grove in the palace.

    "Take Little Fire to Leng Hua, then let them take a stroll!" She ordered, motioning Leng Shuang to take Little Fire to Leng Hua.

    "Yes." Leng Shuang complied, looking at the Little Fire Phoenix.

    The little kid glanced at Feng Jiu, then followed Leng Shuang in silence.

    It was Feng Jiu's first visit to the bamboo grove. She only heard about this place since she didn't stay in the palace very often. Today, she stepped into this grove for the first time.

    Once she walked a section of the trail inside the grove, a sight of verdant bamboos greeted her eyes. The light scent of bamboo filled the air, carried by the breeze. This atmosphere made the mind calm.

    She walked slowly. Perhaps because her mind was tranquil, she remembered Xuanyuan Mo Ze who had been away for two months. After so long, he should have been back to that empire, right?

    The Thousand Year Frost Poison in his body had not been removed yet. She's afraid that those suppressing pills wouldn't be effective for long. After returning home, would there be an alchemist who can make an antidote for him?

    She recalled that a bottle of his blood was stored in her spatial space. After her grandfather's wedding, she would dedicate some time to research it properly. She was confident that with her innate talent in medical science and toxicology, she would be able to resolve the Thousand Year Frost Poison.

    After reaching the inner part of the grove, she saw the Old Patriarch in a grey robe, sitting cross-legged on a large stone. His eyes were closed in meditation. Perhaps due to advancing into the Martial Emperor stage, his silver hair had gradually turned to gray. His face also looked ten years younger, not showing his previous elderly complexion.

    In the end, he still hadn't made a breakthrough to the Martial Sage rank.

    It was not easy to become a Martial Sage in such a short period of time even with the help of elixirs. Unfortunately, she was still deficient in alchemy refining. If she aimed to make the pill to return youth, she still had to deeply understand the method of alchemy.

    Perhaps aware of her arrival, the Old Patriarch slowly opened his eyes. When he saw Feng Jiu, his gaze was filled with affection.

    "Little Feng, why did you stay quiet after coming here?"

    Feng Jiu broke into a smile. She stepped forward, beaming. "I wanted to know when Grandfather finally noticed my presence here."

    "Haha, Grandfather noticed the moment you stepped into this grove." He smiled and gestured her to sit down on the boulder. "I heard from the Feng guard that you cultivated in seclusion. When did you come out?"

    As he spoke, his eyes swept over her. When he saw that she had entered the Martial Ancestor rank, he was surprised. "You are at the Martial Ancestor already?" It's amazing that she reached that rank in such a short time.

    Feng Jiu nodded with a smile and sat down beside him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    She did not hide her cultivation. He could only see her mystical energy cultivation, while her spirit energy cultivation was invisible.

    "I originally intended to breakthrough the Martial Emperor rank, but could only reach this stage. I've been stuck here for a long time, so I'm not cultivating now. I'm going to take it slow!"

    She was all smiles. She then inquired him with curiosity. "Grandfather, Aunt Su Xi is here. Have you snuck over to see her?"

    Hearing this, Old Patriarch Feng looked uncomfortable. He coughed lightly and his gaze roamed all around...
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