609 A comparison

    The Old Patriarch's face showed an embarrassed smile under his granddaughter's gaze. "I didn't sneak over to see her. I went to drink two cups of wine with my Big Brother."

    "Alright! I won't tease Grandfather." She couldn't help chuckling. "I came over today to see how Grandfather is faring. I am relieved Grandfather is in a good condition today."

    "Mm, Grandfather is fine, you can rest assured!" The Old Patriarch looked at her with eyes brimming with smiles. He was very happy. After all, he could not imagine to remarry at this age.

    "Grandfather's big day is the day after tomorrow. Let's stop cultivating and have a good rest!" She warned him, worried that he would get too busy cultivating before his big wedding that his body couldn't take all the pressure.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "I know, I know. Grandfather knows that." He nodded with his eyes squinted. Then he recalled something. "By the way, Little Feng, the Lin clan seems to have guessed your identity as the Ghost Doctor. If it hadn't been for Big Brother who told me about it that day, Grandfather wouldn't know that you had added a hundred bottles of potions to the betrothal gifts."

    The betrothal gifts were arranged by them. His son did not tell him, neither did he ask about it. After all, the hand over of gifts must have been prepared well and not lacking in propriety. However, he did not expect the betrothal gifts were so generous, making him astounded.

    Especially those hundred bottles of potions. Each bottle of potion that Little Feng refined under the banner of Ghost Doctor was priceless in the market. However, she refined a hundred bottles vigorously in such a short time for the betrothal gifts.

    When he knew about it, in addition to surprise, he was very moved.

    She arranged everything well in advance and gave him face. As a grandfather, how could this not make him feel touched?

    Feng Jiu smiled gracefully. "As a granddaughter, I should also give a gift for the grandfather's wedding! I have no other things. The potions were refined while I was cultivating."

    "Oh, you! " He shook his head and looked at her with a loving and doting expression.

    For others, those were rare treasure. But in her mouth, they were things refined casually. if people knew that the world renowned Ghost Doctor was his granddaughter, his doorstep would be knocked down flat by those proposing marriage.

    Feng Jiu accompanied him to chat for a while. She told him that she met several Princes a short while ago and took the opportunity to tidy them up. It made the Old Patriarch laughed. Finally, when the sky turned dark, she left to find her father.

    However, unexpectedly, all the injured princes who intended to go home from the martial arts stage were summoned by their respective Imperial Fathers before they could return to their residence.

    All the neighbouring ninth-grade countries gathered together at Feng Xiao's palace. After chatting, they told him that they wanted their sons to come and pay respect.

    In fact, they also wanted to get all the Princes together and compare which Prince had more outstanding bearing and demeanour.

    Some of these Princes gathered together and some were not in a group. Therefore, besides the eight people who had been taught a lesson by Feng Jiu, there were six or seven people who had been cultivating in their rooms.

    When those six or seven people came to pay respect, they sat behind their Imperial Fathers. Each dressed in luxurious clothes and showed outstanding manner.

    However, amidst the gregarious atmosphere, the guard reported that several other Princes had also arrived. Immediately, everyone in the hall smiled and they looked toward the gate of the hall. Feng Xiao, as the event host, ordered them to come in quickly with a smile.

    However, when the eight princes came in as a group, acting in a surreptitious manner, the people in the hall were surprised. When they looked up, the crowd was even more shocked.
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