610 It is very beneficial

    "This... What's going on?" A country ruler stood up in anger and glared at his son who came in.

    He brought the most outstanding of his sons to the Phoenix Empire with the intention of showing off his son's graceful demeanour. Who would have expected to see him coming in stealthily covering his bloody nose and swollen face?

    "What on earth is going on here? Who would dare to attack you in the Phoenix Empire's Palace?" Another country ruler spoke calmly while emitting a mighty pressure all over his body. The whole hall felt the freezing aura.

    When the others heard what the ruler had said, they did not speak again. They looked at their badly battered sons and repressed their anger. They had been disgraced and lost face.

    Only a few of the country rulers were smiling. Their dignified eyes swept over the eight Princes, then continued sipping tea lightly.

    They didn't care since it wasn't their sons who made a fool of himself.

    Mm, with this kind of comparison and point of view, those Princes from other kingdoms were just so-so.

    The Princes who sat behind their Imperial Fathers were also surprised. During the few days in the palace, they have met with those eight Princes who disdained to associate with them.

    It was totally unexpected to each of them sport a bloody nose and swollen face today. They were very curious. How did these Princes hurt their faces? It was too unsightly.

    The eight Princes were not feeling well. Their faces were burning. They didn't know whether it was from shame or from the pain.

    They received the summons of their respective Imperial Fathers and returned to change their clothes. Otherwise, they would be caught in an even more embarrassing situation. However, they were somewhat ashamed to meet people, especially after losing face in front of the country rulers and the Princes.

    Since they've signed a pledge, they could only swallow this bitterness quietly. Had these people known the fact that they received these facial injuries from the Phoenix Empire's Princess, they would lose face even more grievously.

    They fought eight against one but were defeated in the end, so they couldn't hold their heads up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The eight Princes looked at each other and simultaneously paying their respects to all the country rulers present. The gentle Prince then spoke out. "This was what happened: a few of us gathered together leisurely, doing nothing. Then we wanted to compare notes in martial arts. Unexpectedly, we exchanged blows a bit fiercely and got this face injury. We shouldn't have let our Imperial Fathers and all the country rulers worried."

    On hearing this, several others rushed forward."Yes, we shouldn't have. We only compared notes, but unexpectedly, it was a little fierce. We didn't expect that to happen."

    Hearing this, everyone in the palace hall had a different look on their faces. As country rulers, naturally these men were all sophisticated with extensive experience. It would be strange if they believed those words that were meant to deceive others.

    But, was there such a person in this palace who can sort all of them out and made them help cover this matter up, not daring to speak up?

    They couldn't imagine such a person. However, Feng Xiao, sitting at the host seat, glanced at those Princes and lightly coughed. He sipped a mouthful of tea gently to cover up the smile on his lips and then opened his mouth to speak.

    "Comparing notes is conducive to enhance strength. It is very difficult for these several Princes to meet each other when they live in different countries. It is definitely very beneficial for them to have this opportunity to learn from each other."

    When these eight Princes heard this, they bowed their heads and responded in a perfunctory manner.

    Their father emperors saw this sight and felt resentful inside. However, it was difficult for them to express this grievance. Just as they were about to wave them to withdraw, a loud voice rang out from outside the hall.
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