611 Feng Jiu

    The moment they heard 'The Princess arrives' and everyone in the hall looked forward in anticipation. The Princess of the Phoenix Empire could be considered a legendary figure. First of all, she had been plotted upon and her identity had been taken over, leaving her ruined and disfigured. Yet, she returned to reclaim her identity and took over the Feng Guards. She then broke off the engagement to Murong Yixuan and she alone fended off the disaster of the Feng Residence letting everyone feel fear and awe of the way she handled things and no one dared to thread in her path.

    Being targeted by the Green Gallop Country's Crown Prince, but yet she still dared to refuse his coerced proposal right in front of everyone at the Feng Residence's gate. When she acted, she made an example of all that the Green Gallop Country sent and in a flash, no one dared to provoke the Feng Residence anymore!

    Pulling down the former Ruler Murong Bo, she pushed her father to the position and changed the country to the Phoenix Empire. All that she did were not what any ordinary woman would do.

    Towards the Princess of the Phoenix Empire, everyone's curiosity was piqued from the bottom of their hearts. Rather than saying that this trip was to attend the wedding ceremony of the Grand Ruler of the Phoenix Ruler, it would be better to say that it would be to meet this Princess of the Phoenix Empire.

    Bringing the sons whom they feel are the best among their children, they also had a different agenda on their mind. After meeting with the Princess of the Phoenix Empire, they would like to see if they could talk about marriage between their countries.

    The Phoenix Empire was now rising. If the Princess is really as rumored, they hope that they can set their son up with this outstanding woman. As for whether or not they'll succeed, they did not worry about that aspect, they will let the young people mingle and get along themselves. It didn't hurt to give it a try, even if it was just an opportunity, but what if it really became successful?

    Unlike their Imperial Fathers, the Princes who had the exchange with Feng Jiu, after they heard the words 'The Princess arrives' they stood to one side instinctively and when they felt that they were still standing in a conspicuous position, they immediately shifted and sat behind their Father. The other Princes noticed their odd behaviour and were surprised before they turned their heads to look at the entrance.

    They saw a young lady dressed in white walk in with unhurried steps without any entourage accompanying her. At first glance, all the young Princes' eyes sparkled everything seemed to have brightened before them.

    Such a mesmerising beauty that could bring cities down was one thing, what was even more outstanding about her was that noble and unparalleled temperament. With her white skirt fluttering behind her, her luscious black tresses cascaded down her back, revealing an air of elegance and charm.

    They only saw that on that peerless face, there was a trace of a smile on her lips, exuding an even more mysterious air about her, raising her beauty up into another realm.

    It was not the tenderness or gentleness of a woman, nor was it the cold and aloof beauty and not those seductive beauties that were hot and alluring.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    She was dazzling like the sun and yet there was a trace of languidness in there. She exuded self-confidence and calmness in her mannerism. She exuded a sense of confidence from the bones that was not inferior to any man and was very fascinating, making her unforgettable...

    Feng Jiu slowly walked into the hall and casually glanced around. When she saw the few Princes who had hidden behind their Imperial Fathers' back with their heads lowered, a trace of a smile appeared in her eyes.

    These few people actually still came, how interesting.

    When she arrived in the main hall, she first bowed to her father and turned to the other Rulers and bowed slightly while she greeted them. With a smile, she said calmly: "I have heard that the few Country Rulers have arrived much earlier, I have not had the chance to pay my greetings yet, please pardon me. I hope that everyone will not blame me."
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