613 The big wedding

    Thus, Feng Jiu told him about how she made them all sign an agreement which made Feng Xiao burst into laughter.

    In the following two days, Feng Jiu stayed at the palace and helped to host the various countries' rulers. As for the wedding, they invited Old Patriarch Geng and some elderly people in the palace to arrange it. They spent the next two days busily. To their surprise, Guan Xilin finally rushed back to Cloudy Moon City the day before the Old Patriarch 's big wedding.

    On the third day of the twelfth month, in the early morning of the wedding day, the firecrackers' sound rang out three times.

    Twelve cultivators flew out from the palace, riding on their swords. On each flying sword stood a young palace maid with a flower basket in hand. They were wearing the same pink coloured dresses and their faces were made up elegantly. They looked very attractive.

    The cultivators flew to Cloudy Moon City's sky with those young palace maids. They sprinkled the well-prepared wedding sweets from the air. It was accompanied by the deafening sound of wedding firecrackers that blossomed in the sky like brilliant fireworks which then fell scattered on the Cloudy Moon City below.

    In the twinkling of an eye, as long as one looked up, the whole Cloudy Moon City was filled with the wedding firecrackers like fireworks. The palace maids sprinkled wedding sweets from the air, making all the Cloudy Moon City residents, both young and old, feel joyful.

    The twelve cultivators atop the flying swords returned to their spots above the palace gate after scattering the wedding sweets for two laps. At this point, a huge procession to fetch the bride was setting out from the main gate. The dazzling red colour made the whole wedding procession exude a festive atmosphere.

    Old Patriarch Feng sat on Old White's back, wearing a festive red wedding robe. In addition to a big red flower ball tied to Old White's body, the Old Patriarch also had a big red flower ball tied at a slant on his body. Today, he seemed to be in high spirits. His face was wreathed in smiles.

    Behind him was an eight-person sedan chair followed by eight palace maid servants holding flower baskets both in front and behind the sedan chair. As they walked, they scattered flower petals. The sound of the trumpet and the drums was jubilant, attracting many adults and children in the city to watch and follow the procession to fetch the bride to the wedding ceremony.

    When the Old Patriarch went to fetch the bride, in the palace, Feng Xiao and Feng Jiu stood on the palace roof surveying the scene from afar. They watched the huge procession go in a majestic manner. Feng Xiao felt deeply moved. He spoke with a smile, "Seeing the Old Patriarch married, I have the feeling of watching my son marry his wife."


    Feng Jiu couldn't help smiling. Her eyes were filled with irresistible mirth. She spoke jokingly, "So I'm not the only one who feels this way. Even Father does!"

    "Hahaha, it's good for our father and daughter to talk here, but they can't be heard by the Old Patriarch. Otherwise, he will give us a lecture."

    Feng Xiao laughed loudly. He felt that way because it had been so long since a wedding had taken place in their family. Especially, this was not his daughter's, but his father's wedding. Naturally, he would have that kind of weird feeling.

    When the father and daughter looked at the wedding procession from this high place and chatted together, the Lin clan side was bustling with excitement and nervousness...

    "The bridal sedan chair is fast approaching. How is Su Xi's preparation going?" Lin Boheng stepped in. The room was busy and tense with people shuttling things here and there.

    "It's almost ready, almost ready. What about the wedding veil, where is it? Cover the bride quickly." The bride was called in a hurry and the people helping inside the room rushed to find the wedding veil.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.
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