616 Longevity Pill successfully refined

    In the palm of her hand, there were two dragon eye-sized medicinal pills: one crimson, the other one black. The two medicinal pills did not even have red grain marks on them, but they were filled with strong medicinal fragrance. They were neither waste nor toxic pills. She had no idea because they were fundamentally different from the colour indicated on the medicinal pill formulation.

    "The pill refining furnace didn't explode, the spirit elixir was not wrong. The medicinal fragrance also came out, how did it become two strange medicinal pills? Such pills are definitely not Longevity Pills even though it used the materials needed by the Longevity Pill!"

    She was also confused. It was clearly made according to the pill refining method. The steps and materials used were not wrong. But how could it produce two strange medicinal pills that she had no clue about?

    She took the two strange medicinal pills to one side, took out the large collection of pills from the spatial space and compared them carefully. However, she could not find any clue. Finally, she probed the two pills with a silver needle to see if they were poisonous.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    After probing with the silver needle, it didn't change colour. She could only record the steps, techniques and dosage of the two strange pills, then she put them away and try again.

    Although they were not Longevity Pills, they were successfully refined, weren't they?

    So, once again, she tried to change the formulation and added some potions that she thought had some values. The experiment lasted for another half-month.

    These days, she had long forgotten the original intention of making Longevity Pills. At present, because of repeated failures, she made many changes. She was persistently refining even to the point of forgetting to eat and sleep. She was almost driven to insanity.

    Finally, half a month later, when she saw the grain marks on the brown-coloured Longevity Pills, she finally showed a relaxed and happy smile.

    "At last! The third-grade Longevity Pills! After improvement, the third-grade Longevity Pill can increase life span to three more years. Finally, I was able to refine it!"

    Her eyes burst with joy, she quickly recorded the method of refining. She stored the two Longevity Pills and then stepped out of the alchemy room, intending to return to the courtyard to wash the clothes that had not been changed for a long time. When she saw the old man sweeping the fallen leaves in the distance, her eyes shifted slightly then she walked towards him.

    When she came to him, she took out a bottle from the spatial space. "This is the Longevity Pills that I made. Here you are." During the conversation, she put the bottle in his hand and left.

    The old man's eyes moved slightly. He looked at the bottle in his hand, looked up slowly at the dirty figure turning away, and his lips curved slightly. He stood there quietly, poured out the medicine in the bottle, and remained silent for a long time.

    Feng Jiu went back and cleansed on her own. She didn't even bring Leng Shuang because she came here to cultivate in seclusion. Therefore, she had to do some things by herself.

    After bathing, when she saw in the mirror that the scorched hair had grown long, she shook her head and laughed softly. "Two medicinal pills made me like this. It's really awkward."

    "Medicinal pills are indeed not comparable to potions. Their efficacy is extraordinary and their refining is not so simple!" With a sigh, she trimmed her hair, drank a bottle of potion, and fell asleep.

    The sleep lasted two days and two nights. She finally woke up hungry and then got up.

    When she came out of the courtyard to the kitchen to see that there was nothing to eat, she saw the old man sitting on the stone table outside the kitchen eating.
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