618 Nebula City

    Three days later, on a mountain road outside Green Gallop Country, Feng Jiu was on Old White's back. She donned a red robe, looking extraordinarily handsome. Outwardly, she looked like a handsome and elegant young man with a noble aura, like a young master from a long-standing family. However, the impression that she gave off was of a languid and unrestrained atmosphere.

    One leg hung naturally on Old White's body, while the other leg was in a folded position on the horse's back. With a blade of dog's tail grass picked from the roadside dangling in her mouth, she went leisurely towards the city ahead.

    The airship was used for the long journey and the travel should not tarry for too long. After she left her family that day, she set foot on the boundaries of the Green Gallop Country once again and rode all the way to the Nebula City where the Nebula Academy was located.

    The Nebula City was a town located in the northernmost part of the Green Gallop Country, behind it was the most dangerous Black Sand Forest of Green Gallop Country. Although the town belonged to the Green Gallop Country, it was not under the jurisdiction of the country's imperial clan. It was also the most prosperous and bustling main city of the country.

    The clans that could take root in the Nebula City would receive courtesy to some degrees from the Green Gallop Country's imperial family and treated as one of the influential clans. This was also where many countries intersect. As for the Nebula Academy, as the Six-Star Academy, even the influential clans and forces here did not dare to offend it.

    It was due to the fact that only the branch of the academy was located here. The Nebula Academy's foundation was so great, that no clan could compete with it and no one dared to act presumptuously.

    She had so much expectations toward this academy.

    Once they entered the city and paid the city's entrance fee, Feng Jiu let Old White saunter freely. She staggered along, roaming around the city.

    "Tsk tsk, it deserves to be called the Nebula City. The prosperity of this place is even greater than that of Three Rivers City in Great Concord Country."

    She clicked her tongue and muttering quietly while watching the flurry of people on the broad main street. There were many young people riding on the back of spiritual beasts like her. There were a great number of shops on both sides of the street, at the start and at the end of the alley. The stalls' vendors hawked their wares. Those who were haggling had their faces flushed red due to the exertion.

    "Young Master, Young Master."

    Someone was calling out. Feng Jiu ignored it. When she looked around from time to time, the voice rang out again.

    "Young Master! The young master wearing a red robe, riding a white horse! Look this way, look this way!"

    The young master wearing a red robe, riding a white horse? Was that her?

    She glanced down at her red robe, took the blade of dog's tail grass from her mouth, and looked toward the source of the voice.

    She saw a thin boy of fourteen or fifteen standing in front of a shop, waving at her with a smile on his face. He was carrying a small wooden box on his chest. It was unknown what he was selling. At the same time, he was busy collecting money.

    She raised her eyebrows and pointed a finger at herself. "Are you calling out to me?"

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    "Yes, yes." The thin boy nodded hurriedly. He smiled at the people who bought his wares and told them to come back again next time. He quickly ran over to her.

    "Young Master, are you from out of town? Are you familiar with the city? Shall I show you the way? I know Nebula City very well. Whichever places you want to go, which scenery is the most beautiful, which inn is the most comfortable, and which alley has the most unique snacks...I know all about those things."

    Perhaps he was often basked under the sun, so this thin boy's skin was dark. However, his eyes were bright and he exuded an astute and agile persona.

    Feng Jiu smiled and asked, "How much?"
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