843 Keeping the child

    At this time, the palace was in a mess. The desperate atmosphere made everyone tense. A basin of watery blood was brought out of the palace. The strong smell of blood filled the air.

    The Old Patriarch wanted to go in several times but was stopped by Feng Xiao. He was afraid that the Old Patriarch would get too excited and made a botch of things inside. The two people heard the shouts gradually weaken. At this time, their hearts turned glum, especially the Old Patriarch. He felt as if he fell into a bottomless abyss. It was like a boulder pressed down on his chest press a boulder, making him unable to breathe.

    "It's bad, it's bad!"

    A midwife ran out in a panic, her hands were covered with blood. "The adult is going to be in a coma. We haven't seen the child's head yet. Retired Emperor, Ruler, I'm afraid that we can only save one, either the adult or the child. Please make the decision quickly. If it's too late, we can't save both the adult and child."

    When the Old Patriarch heard this, his body trembled. He fell down on a bench. "Only, only one can be saved?"

    Feng Xiao just moved his mouth, but no words came out.

    "If there is only one who could stay alive, please save the adult!" His hands were tightly clenched into fists, trying to calm himself down.

    At this time, a midwife ran out. "Empress Dowager told us to save the child."

    "No way! Save the adult!" The Old Patriarch stood up and yelled loudly. He went inside regardless of the obstacles.

    "What is it about saving the adult?"

    At this time, Feng Jiu's voice was heard. It was just like the sound of nature, making Feng Xiao's anxious heart eased down a bit. When he turned around, he saw his daughter leapt off the rainbow-coloured glaze feather and came to him.

    "Little Jiu, your grandmother fell down and had a hard time giving birth. The midwife said that the umbilical cord could be around the baby's neck. Now she was in a coma again, but the child's head hasn't been seen yet. It seems that there are no positive signs." Feng Xiao's voice was somber and his heart was weighed down.

    When she came back, she had a guess that the childbirth met a problem. Unexpectedly, she guessed it correctly. Immediately, she asked, "What about Grandfather?"

    "He's inside. The midwife said that only one can be saved. Your grandfather wants to protect the adult, while your grandmother wanted to save her child."

    "I'll go in and have a look." She went inside.

    Feng Xiao wanted to call her back, after all, she was still an unmarried daughter. He was afraid that it was improper for her to go in. However, after thinking about it, he didn't call her but waited outside.

    Little Jiu has medical expertise. There may or may not be a solution.

    When Feng Jiu came inside, she wrinkled her brows. The smell of blood inside was heavier than outside. How severe was the bleeding?

    When she came to the inner bedroom, she saw her grandfather holding her grandmother's hand and saying encouraging words. She stepped forward and called out, "Grandfather, I'll take a look."

    Without wasting time, she first checked her pulse and then touched her stomach to examine.

    "Little Feng, you must save your grandmother. If she can't give birth to a child, save the adult. As long as the adult is safe, it's alright" The Old Patriarch spoke with his eyes slightly red.

    "Grandfather, you go out first, don't worry! It will be all right. " She comforted him and asked someone to help support him out.

    After he went out, Feng Jiu asked Su Xi on the bed, "Grandma, do you want to keep the baby?"

    "Mm, Little Feng, don't listen to your grandfather. Keep the baby. This child comes from your grandfather and me. I don't want to lose it." She said in tears.

    If there was a choice, she hoped to see her child grow up safely. However, she knew that she might not be able to survive today. Thinking of her child and husband, she felt helpless and sad.
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