624 Green Lotus Seed In The Belly

    After her bath, Feng Jiu entered the Spatial Spirit Palace. Little Fire Phoenix and Cloud Devouring Beast were in there.

    Ever since the Cloud Devouring Beast had been put into the Spatial Spirit Palace with Little Fire Phoenix, it's arrogance had been worn away. Even though it was once an ancient mythical beast, now it was only a spirit pet.

    When Feng Jiu entered the Spatial Spirit Palace and saw Little Fire Phoenix cultivating, she was a little surprised. Why was that little brat so obedient? She thought it would be eating ginseng in here. She hadn't thought that it would be cultivating in it's free time.

    She crossed her legs and sat down in the Spatial Spirit Palace, looked at the Cloud Devouring Beast and beckoned with her fingers: "Come here."

    The Cloud Devouring Beast went over to her at once, eager to please.

    "Have you been bullied by Little Fire in here?" She asked as she stroked Cloud Devouring Beast's fluffy fur.

    The Cloud Devouring Beast looked at Little Fire and replied: "Master, can I go out to be Old White's companion?" Although there was plenty of spiritual power in here, but with the other ancient mythical beast in here, the pressure was too strong. It was always fearful and could not cultivate properly.

    Feng Jiu glanced at it: "Old White has just caused some trouble for me. If you are to go out as well, you two beasts will cause even more trouble together." She stood up and continued: "Concentrate on your cultivation!"

    To avoid having to repeat herself, Feng Jiu left the Spatial Spirit Palace immediately. She exhaled and muttered under her breath: "These beasts are so worrisome."

    She didn't leave the room, but took a nap instead. She didn't step out of the room till it was after dark and followed the directions on the map, taking a tour of the city. She only returned to the inn late at night.

    Upon returning to the inn, she did not go to sleep, she sat cross-legged on the bed and cultivated. However, when she tried to move her spiritual power, she found that it had disappeared from her body and she was unable to condense her power.

    "How come?"

    Her expression changed and her eyebrows furrowed. She refused to believe it and continued to try to summon her power. After many tries, she was still unable to summon her power, let alone move it through her body.

    To this end, she entered the Spatial Spirit Palace, still sat cross-legged cultivating. However, as soon as the spiritual power was absorbed into her body, it strangely disappeared. She tried it a few times and each time, the same thing happened.

    "Why is this happening?"

    She was dumbfounded and checked her pulse, but it was fine. She tried to use the mysterious breath as it could also be condensed. But as soon as the unique spirit power entered her body, it disappeared without a trace.

    "Could it be her Dantian? But it shouldn't be!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    She tried to calm down and relax her whole body and explored the Dantian in her body.

    When she saw her own Dantian, she could not help but open her eyes in disbelief.

    "How is this possible? Why is there that green lotus seed?"

    Inside her Dantian, there was a green lotus seed hiding in her belly quietly. She recognised it from that day by the peach blossom wall when the old man brought her a bowl of lotus congee. It was the green lotus seed on top of the bowl of congee.

    She had tried to chew the lotus seed but couldn't break it up. It was so fragrant so she decided not to waste it and swallowed it whole. Who knew that the lotus seed that should have been digested by now has appeared in her Dantian!
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