625 Chaotic Green Lotus Seed

    Her expression was strange as she sat there dumbfounded. She found it incredibly weird. Why had the lotus seed not digested and it had entered her Dantian and absorbed her spiritual energy instead?

    What kind of seed was that lotus seed?

    If they weren't so far away, she would have gone back to ask the old man what sort of lotus seed did he feed her. Not only did it not get digested, but it had stayed within her Dantian and had obstructed the foundation she had cultivated.

    The Cloud Devouring Beast knelt by her side obediently, its eyes fixed on its Master. It noticed that her expression was strange, but it did not dare disturb her.

    It had watched her come in suddenly and then cross her legs to cultivate. After she had sat down as if in a trance for a while, she stood up and walked over to the books and rummaged through till she found an ancient book and then left.

    Feng Jiu spent the whole night researching the ancient book. She read up on anything related to lotus seeds. In the end, she had only found a bit of information at the back of the ancient book that mentioned the chaotic green lotus seed.

    "Chaotic green lotus seed? How is that possible?"

    She was dumbfounded. According to the information in the ancient book, in her past life, she was the head of the hidden world. She had only heard of the legend of the chaotic green lotus seed. But she had always thought that it was just a legend, not to mention that there is now a lotus seed hidden in her Dantian.

    She reached out her hand and touched her Dantian. Her expression was strange as she whispered: "If it really is the chaotic green lotus seed, then it's priceless. However, it is hidden away in her Dantian absorbing all her spiritual energy. Could it be that is how it needs to grow?"

    She sat in her room deep in thought for a very long time. At least now she knew the reason why her spiritual energy kept dissipating. She knew that even if the lotus seed in her Dantian was not the chaotic green lotus seed, it would not do her any harm.

    However, she did not know how long she needed to let the lotus seed grow in her Dantian.

    With this in mind, due to her curiosity, even though she had initially intended to to spend more time walking around Nebula City, she stayed in her room at the inn most of the time instead. She entered the Spatial Spirit Palace day and night to cultivate her spiritual power. She wanted to find out how much spiritual power was needed to make the lotus seed sprout.

    Many days had passed, and it was now three days before the enrolment of new students at Nebula Academy. The lotus seed in her Dantian still showed no change, and every time the spiritual power entered her body, it dissipated without a trace.

    Finally, early that morning, she stepped out of her room and took a walk around the courtyard in the inn. She sat down at the stone table and tapped her fingers lightly on the table top, deep in thought.

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    A voice with a smile drifted over and brought Feng Jiu out of her daze. When she looked up, she saw an imposing man dressed in green walking out of the room next to hers. One hand behind his back and one in front as he walked over towards her. There was a strange glint in his eyes she could not understand.

    "Yes." She nodded and smiled: "You too?"

    "Yes! It is the expectations of the elders at home. I can't not come."

    He laughed and came over to sit down beside Feng Jiu with a smile in his eyes: "I have stayed at this inn for quite some time. However, I did not expect to meet you here."

    Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows.
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