626 Partner on the journey

    That man in blue laughed loudly then explained to her, "I happened to see Little Brother thrown off the horse on the road that day."

    "Oh, I see!" On hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled sheepishly. Sigh! While cultivating this time, she had completely forgotten that she took advantage of Ye Jing. Now that this matter was mentioned, there was some embarrassment.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "No wonder, it was Little Brother at that time. It's so unexpected. Little Brother was so interesting. Daring to take advantage of Ye Jing on the street - this point made this Big Brother admires you a lot." He looked at Feng Jiu jokingly. A smile was pasted on his face.

    Feng Jiu's lips twitched. Admiring her for this? She felt that he's also an eccentric person. All the onlookers regarded her as Dengtu Zi, a notorious lecher and skirt-chaser. However, this man was so broad-minded. He only smiled and laughed about it, making her not knowing what to say.

    "When I saw Little Brother, I felt that we're kindred spirits. Why don't we go out for a drink?" He stood up and invited Feng Jiu.


    While still thinking about it, she saw the man's eyes were all smiling and his face expectant. She sighed inwardly and stood up: "It's okay. Let's have just a cup." Anyway, she was idle with nothing else to do. It's better to go out and take a walk!

    They went out of the inn and chatted on the way. After they told each other their names, Feng Jiu knew that this man was called Xiao Yihan, a descendant of a sixth-grade country's influential family. He had a somewhat wanton and unrestrained personality. Although he had outstanding talent, he had little enthusiasm for further studies. This time, he came to enrol at Nebula Academy under his parents' strict orders.

    Her heart stirred. The grade of the country was truly important. Looking at countries with the grades from ninth to sixth, only those of ninth and eight need to vie for Nebula Academy's registration. The few ranks ahead of those countries were eligible to directly register at the academy. However, after the registration, whether they could enter or not was the same problem as others.

    However, the influential families of the seventh and sixth-grade countries could directly come to Nebula Academy to register for the examination, which was the difference.

    "Little Brother Feng? Little Brother Feng?"

    Feng Jiu, who was thinking about the matter, heard the three words "Little Brother Feng" and her lips curved up. At the short span of time they walked together, the man changed her appellation directly from Little Brother to Little Brother Feng. She had no clue how to talk to this person.

    Little Brother Feng? It was the first time someone had ever called her that. It was enough to render her speechless.

    "Big Brother Xiao, what's the matter?" She asked.

    Xiao Yihan looked at the handsome young man in red and told him with a teasing laugh, "Which beauty were you thinking of? Big Brother has called you several times before you came to."

    "Big Brother Xiao, don't tease me any more." She smiled and shook her head.

    "Come on, I was just joking. Look, this restaurant is very famous in the North District. If we're late, there will be no place left." As he spoke, he stepped inside. "Follow Big Brother inside."

    Feng Jiu just stepped in and heard the waiter told him that the private compartment was unavailable. There was only a private booth on the second floor.

    "That's all right. The private booth then." Xiao Yihan waved a big hand and told Feng Jiu, "Little Brother Feng, there was no private compartment, only a private booth. Surely, you wouldn't despise it?"

    "Of course not." She smiled and went along with him to the private booth on the second floor.

    They ordered eight signature dishes and two pots of wine. They chatted while eating. Xiao Yihan looked at the young man in red who was sipping wine lightly. With a smile, he said, "Little Brother Feng, let's go together for the exam registration three days later!"
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