627 Fairy, don’t go

    Feng Jiu smiled. "Big Brother Xiao's insight is extraordinary. Being able to accompany Big Brother as a partner on the journey is just what I wish for."

    Speaking of it, there were still three days before the exam registration. She wondered whether her big brother had arrived in Nebula City.

    "Haha, Little Brother Feng, as long as you pass the examination, you will be covered by your brother in the academy in the future!" He laughed loudly and poured a cup to Feng Jiu from his wine pot. "Cheers! Let's make a toast for our acquaintance."

    Feng Jiu held her wine cup, smiled gently and drank it up with her head tilted to the sky.

    "Come over, eat some." He called out. He smiled cheerfully, so happy to make a close-knit friend.

    They were chatting away while dining in the restaurant. One hour later, Feng Jiu who was stuffed with food and drank a lot of wine finally stood up. "Big Brother Xiao, take your time eating. I will go and relieve myself."

    "Haha, go, go! Let the waiter take you, lest you won't find the place." So he beckoned the waiter and ordered, "Take my brother to the outhouse to relieve himself."

    "This way, Young Master." The waiter, with a smile on his face, bowed down slightly to lead the way for Feng Jiu. They went down the stairs toward the back of the building.

    The waiter gave Feng Jiu directions and then withdrew. Feng Jiu came to the back of the building and only came to the washroom to wash her face.

    That Xiao Yihan was really good at drinking wine. Not only could he drink, but he could also throw out a bunch of words to toast with her. Although she had a good capacity at drinking alcohol, it went without saying that drinking and eating that way was too hard. She took the opportunity of going to the outhouse to wash her face slowly.

    "Go, go away. This gentleman is not drunk. Don't assist me."

    A drunken voice came while she was washing her face. She turned around and saw a slightly drunken man in a magnificent robe came staggering in with the help of a waiter. She glanced back and took out her handkerchief and wiped the trace of water in her hands. Then she was ready to go back.

    However, the slightly drunken man pushed the waiter away and squinted his intoxicated eyes at a fairy in a red dress. Under the influence of alcohol, the fairy looked so beautiful that he could not help but reach out and touch the fairy's face while murmuring with infatuated voice."Fairy..."

    Feng Jiu frowned slightly. She avoided the outstretched palm and glanced at the man unhappily. Since she saw him looking and smelling like a drunk, she was not bothered. She slipped away and went out. Unexpectedly, the drunken man laughed, staggered toward her and held her around the waist.

    WIthout thinking, she lifted her foot and kicked him to the ground. She told the waiter who was standing at the side looking somewhat lost, "Carry this intoxicated guest back inside."

    "Yes, yes."

    The waiter did not expect to encounter this matter. He stepped forward hurriedly toward the magnificently dressed man on the ground. That slightly drunken man pushed the waiter away. He stood up and pounced on Feng Jiu again.

    "Fairy, don't go away..."

    The waiter saw the man was kicked to the ground by the young man in red again. This time, he saw the man's lips were injured from hitting the ground. There was a trace of blood oozing from the wound. His face turned white with fear.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    That's the guest from the private compartment. He's bleeding. What could he do? At the moment, he dared not stay any longer. He rushed to the front and asked the restaurant manager to come. He also notified the other guests who came with the magnificently dressed inside the private compartment.

    At this time, Feng Jiu looked at the leg held by the drunken man furiously. She clearly did not want to argue with a drunken man. But, unexpectedly, the man pounced on her repeatedly. This time, he actually hugged her feet from behind.
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