629 Black Market’s Battlefield Arena

    His comical act of scurrying away while covering his head on the street that day, his deep contemplation while meditating in the inn's courtyard, his reckless and unaffected manner on the wine table, and his calm and dignified bearing: all those facets made him somewhat confused about what kind of person he was.

    The only certainty, however, was that the young man was the first person he admired after coming to Nebula City and the first person he intended to make friends with.

    "Little Brother Feng, are you acquainted with that person?"

    While speaking, Xiao Yihan gestured with his eyes toward a man who was completely drenched and looked like a mess. That man turned his gaze away in a hurry after seeing Feng Jiu, but then he couldn't help looking at him again. It was really weird.

    Feng Jiu glanced at the man, seeing him hurriedly shifted his gaze and went inside the private compartment. Not long after, he came out in clean clothes. On his way downstairs, he stopped to make a salute in Feng Jiu's direction, then left in a hurry.

    "No, I don't know him." She spoke slowly.

    Seeing that he did not eat any more, Xiao Yihan called a waiter to settle the bill. He left the inn with Feng Jiu. "Little Brother Feng, it's still early now. How about going to the black market to watch a few fights?"

    "I've heard that the black market has the fiercest fights. I've been itching to watch it for ages."

    "Hahaha, then let's go." He laughed loudly. He then went to the black market accompanied by Feng Jiu.

    It didn't cost any money to enter the black market. However, they needed to pay fees for watching the fights inside the arena. When Xiao Yihan was about to pay for the fees, Feng Jiu had already handed over the money. In front of Xiao Yihan's startled expression, she walked in with a smile.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Xiao Yihan also smiled and followed her in. As soon as he stepped into the arena, he felt that the atmosphere inside was different from that outside.

    In addition to the passionate cheers of the spectators sitting in the surrounding seats, there was a faint smell of blood permeating the air. With the fighting spirit and breath of the two men fighting on the arena gushing forth, the battlefield took shape. The fierce fighting and attacks were accompanied by blood and sweat, arousing the whole crowd in the arena and making their blood boils.

    The two men, led by a guide, sat down at the front seat and watched the battle on the stage.

    "Two Young Masters, do you wish to place your bets? You can bet now." a middle-aged man came up to them with a tray on his hands.

    Feng Jiu glanced at the tray. There were two types of tallies on it, one black and one red, with the lowest bet of 100 silver coins.

    "Five hundred gold coins. I place the bet for the red to win." Xiao Yihan told the middle-aged man, then looked at Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu shook his head and smiled, "I don't really play such games."

    So, the middle-aged man withdrew and ordered two cups of tea and a piece of cake to be served to the two men sitting in the first row.

    The stage was dripping with sweat and blood, while off the stage, the audience was delighted. Watching both opponents with swollen faces and broken hand bones, Feng Jiu's eyes darkened.

    They were putting their lives at risk in order to earn a pittance of their sweat and blood.

    The sound of applause around her was ringing in her ears, but the blood splashed on the stage. Looking at the strong contrast between the stage and off the stage, her mood became heavy.

    "Big Brother Xiao, you keep watching. I have to do something." She stood up, said a word, and found a black market staff to show her the way to see a steward. She intended to inquire whether this black market had the news about her big brother.

    Xiao Yihan watched him walk away. At that moment, the profound look in the young man's eyes entered his vision, making him a little surprised.
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