630 Looks a bit familiar

    After inquiring, Feng Jiu learned that Guan Xilin had not yet come to the black market. She left a message about her whereabouts and the inn she stayed at. Then, she went back to the arena and sat down in the first row to watch the fight.

    After Feng Ju left, an old man came out from the dark while stroking his beard. He looked thoughtfully at the direction of Feng Jiu's departure.

    The middle-aged steward took a look at the message left by Feng Jiu and put it aside casually without much concern. However, when he caught a glimpse of the silent appearance of their black market elder behind him, his expression changed and he hurried to give a salute respectfully.

    "Elder, why are you here? Do you have any orders?"

    The old man glanced at the steward and asked, "What did the young man in red tell you?"

    On hearing this, the steward hurried to say, "The youth came to inquire about a man named Guan Xilin. He told me that this man had gone out with our black market mercenary corps to gain some experiences outside and asked whether he had ever come here to inquire about him. When this subordinate told him that he had not heard of him yet, so the teenager left his address and said that if Guan Xilin comes to inquire about him to tell him the inn where he's staying at."

    While speaking, he hurriedly handed the address that he had laid aside with both hands to the old man.

    The old man took a glance. "Do we have any black market mercenary corps out on a mission?"

    "We don't have one on our side. I supposed they are mercenaries from other cities." The steward answered. When he saw the old man's thoughtful expression, he began to ask, "Elder, is there something wrong with that young man? Do you need your subordinates to watch him?"

    The old man glanced at him. "Don't make any unnecessary arrangements. Take it as nothing happened, just do well whatever he told you." The old man handed the address back to the steward and then turned around with his hands behind his back.

    The steward was surprised a bit. He received an order from the elder to work on the young man's matter well. It could be seen that the youth's origin was extraordinary. Perhaps, he was a child from an influential family? However, with the power of their black market, they never paid attention to any powerful clan's sons. So, who on earth was that youth?

    Although he was curious, he also knew that the elder had not forbidden him to make inquiries. So, he wrote down the address and told his subordinates to pay attention to whether a person called Guan Xilin came over these two days.

    As for the elder, it seemed as if he had seen the young man somewhere, but for the moment, he could not remember it.

    In the front row of the arena, Xiao Yihan looked at the young man who had been quietly watching the battle on the stage. He smiled. "Little Brother, haven't you ever seen such a fight before? In fact, these are all professional fighters and the black market also stipulates that they should not hurt their lives. Even if they are all injured, the black market will also provide treatment."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Feng Jiu was surprised. When she looked at him, she understood why he said that. He smiled."Mm, I know. The world is such a reality. Even if some people don't care, they will be divided into 3-6-9 grades."

    He was stunned, then smiled. "Yes, this is the rule of the world. Only those who are strong can speak. The strong survive. The birth of a strong person is not only personal honour, but also will provide an impetus for his family and make his family strong. No one will dare to take unfair advantage of them."

    He smiled and he said, "However, my family gave me a strict order. Within a year, I must become one of the Nebula Academy's Ten Proud Children of Heaven."
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