632 Beautiful like an immortal deity

    The rare admission to the Nebula Academy which happened once every three years had brought forth a huge wave of people from all the countries. All the outstanding youths from the various parts had gathered before the gates of the Nebula Academy as all sorts of beast carriages lined the streets. Youths gathered in groups were chatting amongst themselves excitedly while waiting for the gates to open. With a single glance, the densely packed crowd were all outstanding youths dressed in magnificent robes.

    By the time Feng Jiu had arrived with Xiao Yihan, they could not proceed any further as there were too many beast carriages. They had no other choice and could only walk in. As for Old White, she could only have the beast carriage driver to take care of him.

    They meandered through the crowd and finally reached their destination. However, the moment Feng Jiu saw the sea of people gathered before the gates of the Nebula Academy, she was rendered speechless.

    "I didn't think that there'll be so many people."

    "Just looking at the sheer number of people here, I'd say there is easily at least a few thousand. However, if we were to base it on the historical records of the number of people that get admitted, it'll be one in a hundred. So till the end, there should at least be a few hundred who will be admitted and become a student of the Nebula Academy."

    "When the gates open later, things will become more orderly as the academy will arrange everything. There's a different registration station for each assessment division so we'll most probably not be able to be together. Remember, don't be nervous during the assessment, just as long as you give it your all." He shared with her all he knew but in his heart, he felt that she could not be admitted as the level for alchemy was much higher than the rest. Otherwise, it wouldn't be such an unpopular choice.

    "Mn, I got it." She smiled and looked around, trying to find her brother.

    With all the voices mixed in from all around, it was a chaotic scene. As the two of them walked towards the gate, they were separated by all the mugging and pushing from all around. Xiao Yihan could only helplessly watch that red robed figure get further and further away from him and just as he was about to reach out to grab him, but it was just in the blink of an eye, he had disappeared into the crowd.

    "Forget it, if he's able to enter the Nebula Academy, then we'll meet again." He let out a sigh and no longer looked for Feng Jiu as he was pushed further front by the people behind.

    The nearer they were to the front, the faster they could get in line to queue for the assessment and did not need to be squished in the crowd. That was why all those that were participating in the assessment had rushed up to the front so once the gates open, they'll be able to run to the respective assessment division.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    But Feng Jiu was different from the rest who were clamoring their way to the front. She could no longer stand all the jostling and she escaped to the side. She walked to a tree by the side to catch her breath.

    "Sigh! All that jostling! I was almost squished to death! The gates aren't even opened yet, what's all that fuss about? There's no need to be in such a hurry."

    The moment she finished lamenting, she raised her head unknowingly. When she did, she was so startled that she took a few steps back as her eyes were fixated on the figure in white that was lying atop the branch above her. When she saw that person's face, she could not help but stare in stupor.

    "What a beautiful man..."

    The word 'beautiful' should not be associated with a man but other than that word, she could not find any other words to describe him.

    He was quietly leaning against the trunk, shaded by luxurious green leaves and his pair of eyes were calm and gentle yet in that gentleness, there was an indifference that pushed people away. He just stayed in that position and looked at her quietly, his white robes fluttering gently in the wind, looking every bit like an immortal deity that had descended to the earthly realm. He was was beautiful that it captivated people's hearts...
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