633 Those gazes

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze's face was also sculpted finely like a heavenly being. However, his looks were handsome and resolute, his body was filled with inherent dignity and the tyranny of a king as if he were the ruler of all things in the Ninth Heaven.

    The man in white sitting on a tree had an exquisite face surpassing those gorgeous women whose beauty could topple a city. There was no oppressive and murderous aura on his body. Instead, he had an immortal nature that was free from worldly material. His whole body exuded such a pure aura so that people felt their inferiority so keenly.

    Those two gazed at each other calmly. One sitting on the tree, the other standing under the tree. Nobody uttered a word.

    Feng Jiu thought it was really strange that they did not talk and just looked at each other. The man in white had not shifted his eyes. He kept looking at her calmly without any expressions. She coughed lightly. But just when she was about to speak, she saw that the man in white had closed his eyes and had no intention of talking to her.

    Her lips moved with some astonishment. For a long time, she was just rubbing her nose in embarrassment. Suddenly, she heard excited sounds from behind. When she looked back, she saw that the gate of the academy was open and everyone rushed in. In the blink of an eye, no one left in front of the gate which was livelier than the street market earlier. Only the carriages waiting for news were still waiting on either side.

    Seeing this, she looked up at the beautiful man who looked like an immortal deity sitting on the tree and then turned to walk to the academy.

    As she turned toward the academy, the man in white opened his eyes slowly. His quiet and deep eyes fell on the red figure again through the dim leaves. He watched quietly until the figure disappeared inside the academy gate for a long time.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    When Feng Jiu entered the academy, she saw the place was incredibly big. Her eyes blinked and his face was full of novelty. "What a big place! Is this really just an academy? If one doesn't know, one would think it's a city!"

    Inside the school, there were numerous old students acting as a guide, showing the way to new students. In front of each division, there was a sign indicating the division's nomination and assessment point. She could only see the long queues on the left and right sides.

    She went to the front to have a look. She saw the two long queues were made up of the spirit energy division on the left, while on the right was for the mystical energy division. Apart from these two divisions, there were no Alchemy and Pharmacy divisions.

    "This elder brother, where is the registration examination point for the Alchemy Division?" She stopped a man in a student's uniform.

    "Are you registering to the Alchemy division?" The man sized Feng Jiu up with a glance, then pointed out. "See that over there? Go straight along this road for five hundred metres. The examination point for the Alchemy division is on your left. The one on your right is the Pharmacy division."

    "Thanks so much for your directions." She smiled and cupped her fists in a salute as she followed the man's directions.

    That man shook his head when he saw the youth in red heading towards the Alchemy division. He walked away while murmuring to himself. "That kind of person also wants to take the registration exam for the Alchemy Division? It's a silly dream."

    At the same time, in one part of the academy, Old Guan, a Deputy Scholar, walked back and forth, looked at the Headmaster who was sitting and drinking tea, asking, "Do you say that the young man named Feng Jiu will come?"

    When the Headmaster heard him, he shook his head while smiling. "Old Guan, you asked me this question not less than ten times from this morning."

    "I'm worried, too. That's a good seedling. I'm afraid he won't come!"

    "You've given him a star token. He can go to the academy without examinations. I think he'll come." The Headmaster smiled and was not anxious.
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