634 Master Mo Chen

    When he heard him, Elder Guan sighed: "Then you don't know, that boy..." His voice trailed off as he didn't know how to describe him at all.

    "If you are worried, you can go to the assessment site to have a look, but today I have more important things to tell you." The headmaster finally put down the teacup and smiled at him.

    "Something more important?" Elder Guan looked at him: "What is it?"

    "Master Mo Chen is coming and said that he will live here for a while." As the headmaster said, he relished the surprised expression on Elder Guan's face.

    "Really, is it true?"

    Elder Guan's face lit up with excitement as he urged: "Is he coming today as well? Why haven't I seen him yet?"

    The headmaster nodded: "He should be arriving within these couple of days."

    "No, no, I have to go outside to have a look." He said and without waiting for the headmaster to reply, he had already rushed out.

    At this time, Feng Jiu stood in the middle of the forked road between Alchemy and Pharmacy Division. She looked at the registration points at the left and then the right and was stunned.

    Compared with the meandering queue at the front that stretched out like a magnificent dragon, back here, other than the Pharmacy Division which had ten over people in queue, there was only one old man in the Alchemy Division. On top of that, he was dozing off. It really rendered her speechless.

    Was the difference so big? Didn't they say that Alchemists were extremely popular? Didn't they say that the status of an Alchemist was more honorable? There were thousands who came to register here today...and yet she was actually the only one to apply for the Alchemist Division?

    Just as she was still sorting out her thoughts, she saw a few youths that came out from the courtyard behind the old man. They all had on a dejected expression as they walked towards the main gate with their heads hung low.

    "Are you here to register for the Alchemy Division?" The old man saw the red robed youth standing there for a long time but did not step forward so he took the initiative to ask, and said: "Come over, come over."

    Feng Jiu returned from her stupor and walked forward as she bowed ceremoniously and said: "Greetings, teacher." Whether or not he was a teacher here, people would not fault one for being courteous.

    "Fill up your registration details here." The old man directly pushed the form on the table to her.

    Feng Jiu skimmed through it and saw that they just needed to write down some basic information. She started filling up her details in earnest. Although she had a star token that she could be directly admitted into the academy without any assessment, but she too wanted to know how strict the assessment of this Nebula Academy was.

    The old man took a look at the red robed youth and his eyes swept over the information written. When he saw that he was from a ninth grade country, he was stunned momentarily before he sat up straight.

    "Are you from a ninth grade country?"

    "Yes!" She nodded and replied.

    Hearing the words, the old man glared at her and berated: "What do you mean by yes? The ten applicants from the ninth grade countries have already arrived. Where did you come from? Don't you know that there are only ten applicants from ninth grade countries? None of them made it through the assessment. It looks like you are just out to waste my time!"

    "But I have a letter of recommendation!" While she argued, she handed him the letter of recommendation which was obtained from the black market. With this letter, even if she was from a ninth grade country, she was eligible to take part in the assessment and over at her brother's side, he too had one.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    As soon as he saw the recommendation letter, the old man looked as if he had swallowed a fly and couldn't speak for awhile. He picked up the recommendation letter and took a look. When he saw the name on the recommendation letter, he reconfirmed with her: "Your name is Feng Jiu?"

    "Yes!" She nodded and looked at him innocently.

    Seeing this, the old man let out a sigh and said grumpily: "Go in then! Go in! Looking at your appearance, you will surely not pass the assessment. Hmph, you're most probably here for fun!"
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