636 School fees Exemption

    "Teacher, are you still assessing me?" She asked curiously. How did they end up chatting in the midst of the assessment?

    "There's no hurry, there are only a few people who have signed up for the assessment here anyway. Let's chat first." The two of them looked at her with a friendly and gentle smile. One of them asked: "You can remember the Grand Spirit Herbs Collection, can you also distinguish the differences between a few similar spirit herbs?"

    "Well, yes I can." She replied and saw the other person take out two spirit herbs and placed it on the table.

    "Then why don't you tell us, what are these two spirit herbs? Also, tell us what are their differences?"

    Feng Jiu looked at the two spirit herbs on the table and said: "The spirit herb on the left is a first grade spirit herb, Nine Fall Augment, which is also known as the Iron Rooster. The roots are short and erect, and the top is densely red with a touch of brilliance. Needle-shaped scales, it is cold in nature and can cure cuts and fractures."

    The two alchemy teachers looked at each other in delight and nodded.

    "The one on the right is the second grade spirit herb, Blush Luster Grass. Its shape is very similar to the Nine Fall Augment, but the difference is that the rhizome of the Blush Luster Grass has fine hair, and it is slightly toxic. It needs to be treated before it can be used to relieve pain."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Hearing her words, the two were overjoyed and even praised: "Good! Really good, good, hahahaha..."

    Seeing the two of them so jubilant, Feng Jiu was a little embarrassed. She had pretended to be naive to fool them, she was even too embarrassed to look at their sparkling eyes .

    However, when they saw her embarrassed, it was a different layer of meaning for them. They feel that this child was sincere. If someone else was praised by them, they would be strutting about all proud. This child was too simple and naive.

    "All right, all right. There's no need to continue the assessment, we've decided to admit you in as an elite student directly. The elite students do not have to pay any school fees so you can save a lot of money." The two teachers smiled, and with a few strokes, they filled in the information sheet of Feng Jiu, and marked it as an elite student.

    Feng Jiu listened and blinked her eyes, as she looked at them in a daze: "I've passed just like that? There's also no need to pay the school fees?"

    "Mmm Hmm, it's done. From today, you are a student of our Nebula Academy Alchemy Division. We will also waive off your school fees. Feng Jiu! Don't let us down! We must bring glory to our Alchemy Division and let the other divisions know that our Alchemy Division is not always so silent and nameless." The two of them patted her on the shoulder and looked at her with anticipation.

    "Oh... umm...all right."

    Listening to the words of the two and seeing the expectations of the two of them, she did not know why but she suddenly had a bad feeling. This Alchemy Division... What kind of place was it? Why did they reveal such an expression when they were on this topic?

    "Come here, this is your identity jade card. After you put a drop of your blood on it, you can enter the academy freely with the identity jade card." One of the teachers took out an identity jade card and handed it to her.

    Feng Jiu accepted it awkwardly as she was smouldered by the anticipation in their eyes. Eventually, she walked out in a daze after she was sent out by the two of them.

    When she came outside, she blinked a few times, rubbed her face and all that was left was a strange expression. What? She had passed just like that? Didn't they say that the assessment for the Alchemy Division was very strict?

    "Ha ha, how was it? You failed? I've already said that you won't pass yet you still refuse to believe it. It's hard even for people from sixth grade countries wishing to be admitted into the Alchemy Division, what's more you are from a ninth..."

    The old man's words suddenly stopped and stared dumbfoundedly at the youth before him who took out the jade card that was shining brilliantly under the sun...
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