639 Why hasn’t he arrived?

    As Steward Sun said that, he took out two sets of Alchemy Division's azure robes and handed it to Feng Jiu. "There is a rule that the students have to wear uniforms in the academy. The colour of each division is different. The colour of our Alchemy Division is azure."

    "Mn, I understand." She then took the two sets of azure robes.

    Steward Sun advised her to check the rules of the Alchemy Division in the jade card and only after advising a few other things did he leave.

    Two sets of azure robes were kept into her space. After she entered her cave dwelling, she took out the jade card and infused it with spirit intent. After reading the house rules, she also learned that after a new student was admitted, they were to report to the Alchemy Division the very next day to receive a small bag of herb seeds as well as listen to the teacher's instructions and guidance.

    She was looking forward to this and in the meantime, she cleaned up her current residence. She felt that this cave dwelling was rather good. Everything that was needed was there, even if you wanted to take a bath, there was no need to call for someone to bring the water in. All she needed to do was to press a button on the wall and hot water was immediately available.

    After she took a bath, she then changed into the azure robes of the Alchemy Division. While she dressed up, she discovered that there was a layer of faint spiritual energy covering the robes which was actually used for defense.

    The only point that she wasn't too happy about was that the academy only provides meals for teachers and the students have to settle their own meals themselves. This point was really not very good.

    Fortunately, there was a small stall at the foot of the Alchemy Division Mountain and most of the things can be purchased from there.

    Thus, she went out and bought some necessities and she was busy until the evening and didn't have time to go out and ask if her brother had arrived.

    "I still thought that once I'm at the academy, with just the turn of my head, we're able to meet. Who knew that it would actually be the distance of several mountains! Even if I want to get some new, it is difficult to even find someone!"

    She lay in the bedroom and sighed, feeling her stomach rumble, she thought about what else was there to eat in her space. After taking it out to fill her stomach, she rested early, awaiting in anticipation for the new day to come for the new student orientation.

    When Feng Jiu fell asleep in the cave dwelling, the deputy headmaster who waited for a whole day in the assessment room of the Spirit Division was staring intently at the list of the students who had been admitted to the Spirit Division.

    "Why isn't his name here? No, don't tell me that you struck him out? But this is not possible! He has a star token in his hand and can enter the Nebula Academy without any assessment, isn't it?" In the end, he could not help but wrinkled his brows as he whispered to himself.

    The teacher wiped out the cold sweat and said: "Deputy headmaster, could it be that the student went to the Mystical Division instead? Perhaps deputy headmaster should head over to the Mystical Division to enquire?"

    When he heard this, he nodded. "It makes sense. Maybe he went to the Mystical Division instead. I will go and have a look." He immediately turned around and walked out of the courtyard. He turned into a streak of light and shot forward in the direction of the Mystical Division.

    When the teacher saw him go, he could not help but let out a sigh of relief and said to himself: [This student named Feng Jiu, what kind of background does he have? The deputy headmaster actually said that he had a star token in his hand?]

    In the Mystical Division, there were many people who applied for this division. At this time, the sky was getting darker, and there were still seven or eight students who were still in line. At this time, the teacher responsible for the assessment swept his gaze over the remaining few before he started to arrange the information on the registration desk and barked out: "Today's admission assessment ends here, as for those of you who have yet to register, come back again three years later!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "What? How can this be? We have been queuing up here since this morning."

    "It has passed the assessment time." The teacher said with a blank expression, he intended to leave after sorting out his things but just as he was about to take a step out, he saw that he was blocked by a strong and buff youth.
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