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    "Teacher, we all came from all over just for this opportunity that happens once every three years. It is very important to us, moreover, the sky has not completely turned dark yet. Please let us register for the assessment before you chase us away!"

    Dressed in black with a well defined muscular frame, even his robes could not hide that well built body. Because he often ran outside, his skin color had turned a deeper bronze, hence he looked very robust and healthy.

    Seeing a student who came to register for the assessment would actually dare to stop him, the face of the teacher turned black as he glanced at him coldly and impatiently hollered: "Scram out of my way!"

    The moment his voice rang out, the pressure of a Martial Ancestor was imbued within. His voice was like thunder and pushed Guan Xilin back a few metres. The blood in him became chaotic due to the pressure and blood gushed out of his mouth.

    Seeing this scene before them, the expressions of the others who wanted to step forward initially had crumbled immediately. The step that was about to be taken immediately stayed in place and their expressions were ugly to the extreme.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Most of them were Martial Lords, how could they stand up against a Martial Ancestor's furious wrath? This teacher was simply too much, how could he use such pressure to threaten people? Moreover, they were all here to register for the assessment, with their strength, how could they face his roar that was imbued with such pressure?

    Several young men could not help but look at that it robust young men dressed in black. Although he looked to be about the same age as them, however, there was something about him that made them surprised.

    That teacher's roar was obviously targeted directly at him and although they did not take the brunt of it, they could still feel their own eardrums vibrating till now and their body's blood was rolling about in turmoil. Yet, that young man had taken on the full force of it and yet he could still withstand it. Seeing that he was still standing had surprised them all.

    Guan Xilin raised his hand and wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth as he stared intently at that teacher. After a long while, he said: "I heard that the Nebula Academy is the most famous academy in Green Gallop Country but never would I have thought that the teachers here are like this. The quality of the teachers here are simply amazing."

    Hearing the sarcasm in his words, that teacher had changed from blue to red and not knowing if, his it was because of anger or embarrassment, his face turned beet red. Blue veins bulged out from his neck and his fists under his sleeves were clenched tightly and the sound of cracking could be heard.

    When they saw this, those few young men looked incredibly worried.

    As the sky had turned dark, the people who were in front of them, whether they passed the assessment or not, they had already left. There were initially two teachers here but the other had left already and the assessment that the Spirit Division had also ended much earlier. There were only the few of them remaining here and they had not seen any other students of the Nebula Academy at all. If that teacher really struck out, then...

    The moment such a terrible thought appeared in their minds, several of them looked at each other and were thinking if they could find any teachers nearby? They were afraid that things would get out of hand and if that teacher was to really strike out, then that young man in black would really suffer horribly even if he survived.

    That teacher glared at Guan Xilin and clearly, the moment he heard his sarcastic words, the anger in his heart was like a bomb that had been detonated. All the mystical energy in his body stirred and his voice was filled with anger as he said, "You still want to be assessed, right? All right then, let me personally assess you. I would like to see how you dare to be so arrogant right here in Nebula Academy!"

    The moment he finished speaking, that teacher rushed towards Guan Xilin shrouded with a strong mystical energy!
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