641 Exchanging injury for injury

    Guan Xilin didn't retreat. Instead, he countered and met him head-on. The mystical energy in his body burst forth. He leapt like a tiger, shaking his fists and attacking that teacher.

    After tempering himself abroad numerous times, he had already cultivated his whole body ruthlessly. This teacher was at odds with him over words, then started using his fists. He was taking unfair advantage by using his real strength of Martial Ancestor rank. Even if Guan Xilin could not fight, how could he shrink back?


    The two men threw down their fists one after another. Their breaths and power collided violently. Guan Xilin drew back several meters away, but the teacher also withdrew two steps.

    The teacher raised his head in shock, both astonished and embarrassed. It was a disgrace that a student dared to take action against him and shook him back two steps!

    "Young fellow, I will teach you a lesson today!"

    The teacher shouted angrily. Once again, he swept toward Guan Xilin. When he moved, mystical energy aura, visible to the naked eye, swirled over him like a maelstrom. Its roaring sound, like the raging waves in the sea, rushed toward the crowd with a violent crash.

    "Hiss! Not good!"

    Several people nearby gasped. One of them stepped back, looked around swiftly, and ran away.

    Seeing the teacher's flowing energy was even fiercer than his punches, Guan Xilin's eyes sank. This time, he did not face the attack head-on. He dodged quickly, evading the attack as much as possible.

    However, after all, his opponent was a teacher with the strength of a Martial Ancestor rank. It was difficult to compete as his strength was at Martial Master rank, especially when the pressures came rushing at him like the bite of a fierce tiger. If he had not been outside for several months, he would not even have the chance to make a move in the face of a Martial Ancestor.

    In the present situation, he knew that his strength was limited. If he wanted to hurt the other side, he must exchange an injury for an injury.

    Then, when he dodged, he exposed a flaw. It was normal for the teacher to spot this flaw. After all, he was a great martial arts teacher. What's so surprising about it?

    That Martial Ancestor ranked teacher also saw this flaw. With a sneer, he punched Guan Xilin hard in the chest. But at this time, Guan Xilin dodged and hit the teacher in the ribs with his fists vigorously. The teacher was shocked and dismayed, but it was too late to retreat.



    The sound of fists accompanied by the sound of bones breaking echoed into the ears of several people nearby. Those people got startled and opened their eyes incredulously. They stared blankly at the scene in front of them.

    The teacher should have hit Guan Xilin on the chest with his two punches, but he could only graze his arm. The small bone in his arm should have been broken under the heavy blow.

    The teacher was also making a rapid retreat. His head bowed in disbelief and his hand stroke his broken rib. He didn't expect to get hurt in the hands of a student. His rage was boiling. With cold and angry eyes, he suddenly looked at the young man in black who had retreated a few meters away.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Exchanging injury for injury would not simply result in minor injuries if one was slightly careless. This young man was simply reckless and extremely daring! He even dared to hurt a teacher! If today he couldn't put him flat on the ground, how would he stand in the academy in the future?

    Fury was mixed with mystical energy. The startling aura made several students couldn't help but try dissuading him.
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