642 Inverting right from wrong

    "Teacher, please quell your anger. Don't lower yourself to this level."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Right, Teacher. You're a great man, don't commit a demerit because of a petty person. Don't bother about him."

    "Teacher, no matter what, you should stop this squabble. Please stay your hand!"

    "Don't fight anymore. It will be a big deal if you keep on fighting."

    "Shut up!"

    When the teacher heard those voices trying to dissuade him, he swept a harsh glare and yelled with a growl. The thunder-like voice carried a powerful pressure that made those people's faces turn pale. They didn't dare to open their mouths again.

    "This child is so arrogant that no one else matters. If I don't teach him a good lesson today, I would have been a teacher in vain!"

    He shouted angrily and spoke with a righteous and imposing tone, not knowing how ridiculous it sounded to others. Just as he was about to strike again, a voice came.

    "Hurry up, they're fighting. That young man will get killed!"

    The crowd saw that it was the man who had slipped away before. It turned out that he went to find a teacher to come to the rescue.

    The teacher saw the scene far away and was slightly surprised. From being pulled by the hand by the student, he quickly leapt to the front of the crowd. He looked at the teacher, who was furious and covered his ribs with one hand, and asked with a slight surprise, "What's going on? I heard you got into a fight with the student who registered for the assessment?"

    When he heard about this matter, he initially thought that the young male student was playing tricks on him and didn't want to go with him to take a look. Here, the two men were really at daggers drawn. Did the teacher and the student throw a punch at each other? That's truly low.


    Seeing that the one coming was a teacher of the academy, the teacher who fought with Guan Xilin snorted heavily. He pointed at Guan Xilin. "He's too arrogant and his act is way too unbridled! He dared to block me while I was still unprepared and hurt me secretly. So disgraceful!"

    Hearing this, a few young men who watched the scene from the beginning to end were shocked. Wasn't this teacher too excessive, inverting right from wrong?

    Guan Xilin only smiled. When he was outside to temper himself, he'd seen all kinds of characters. This teacher was completely lacking in virtue, spouting nonsense by inverting right and wrong. It's not surprising that he would say something like that.

    "No, no, it's not like that." The young man who went to find a teacher for help hurriedly said. But just when he opened his mouth, a ruthless gaze was fixed on him. That look was grim and sinister like poison, making him unable to speak for a time.

    "Teacher He, please don't mind this until I teach this boy who doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth a lesson. Let's talk again later." The teacher made up his mind to get even, regardless of the other teacher's presence. His breath soared and his figure swept out with fists raised to attack Guan Xilin.

    "Stay your hand!"

    A loud cry, like a clap of thunder, came from the sky. A mighty pressure jolted the teacher backwards and prevented him from attacking with a killing move. People looked up in surprise at the thunderous voice and saw an old man come approaching.

    "Deputy, Academy's deputy ...." The teacher turned pale and panicked.

    "What's going on here? As a teacher, how can you hit students?" The old man landed steadily. His sharp gaze flitted toward the teacher's hand, hung powerless behind the young man in black. Then he turned back his attention to the teacher's face that had now turned pale.

    The young man who went to get help heard the teacher addressing the old man. He knew that the old man was the academy's deputy headmaster. He said quickly, "Deputy headmaster, this teacher beats people without distinguishing right from wrong!"

    When he heard that, the deputy headmaster frowned and his expression became profound. "Be careful when you speak! What on earth is going on? If there is any deception, it's bound to be severely punished."
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