643 I have no intention of entering Nebula Academy

    When he heard that, before waiting for the others to speak, that young man immediately said everything out from the beginning to the end. Finally, he said: "And when I saw that the situation wasn't right, I quickly ran to look for any teachers in the vicinity. Luckily, I found this teacher and pulled him over. If not for this teacher's timely help to stop them, this young man would be seriously injured. From what I saw, that teacher had no mercy at all in his strikes."

    Seeing that he had told everything, the others also chipped in: "Yes, that's right. As for the punch before, that teacher had used no less than fifty percent of his strength but luckily that was deflected and landed on his shoulder. Otherwise, if it had landed on his chest, he would not be able to get out of bed for at least half a month and even though he had broken that teacher's ribs, he cannot be blamed for it. It was all in self defence and whoever in his place would have done the same."

    The only difference was that they did not have that same courage and strength of that black robed young man.

    After listening to their explanations, Teacher He who stood by the side looked at Guan Xilin with a surprised expression. Even that deputy headmaster also turned to look at him as a glint flashed by his eyes.

    "Our Nebula Academy's enrolment happens once every three years. Although the regulations state that it is only for a day, even if the sky had turned dark, the remaining people should not be excluded from the enrolment assessment. This would disappoint all the top talents who came here from afar."

    The moment he finished his words, he said: "How about this! Teacher He, take over these few promising young men and help them register for the assessment."

    "Yes." Teacher He nodded.

    The moment the few of them heard his words, they were overjoyed and their faces were beaming with smiles.

    "As for Teacher Wang, you have handled this matter wrongly. You will be punished to reflect on it for one year and have your pay deducted. Do you have any objection?" The deputy headmaster's gaze landed on him.

    Teacher Wang gritted his teeth but he could only answer, "No, I do not have any objections."

    The deputy headmaster nodded his head and looked at Guan Xilin. He smiled at him and said, "You can still exchange blows with the teacher, in terms of strength and mind, you have already passed. There is no need to take the assessment, you can directly enter the Mystical Division? As for your injury, in a while, Teacher He would bring you to take care of it."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    He felt that his arrangement and punishment were all sufficient and he immediately exempted the assessment for that black robed young man. He thought that he would definitely see an expression of joy and gratitude in his eyes. Who knows, that young man looked back at him indifferently and said: "With such an unscrupulous and shameless person as a teacher here, there is no need for me to enter such a place. I have no interest in studying at Nebula Academy any more."

    The moment he said these words out, one by one, jaws started dropping open. No one had expected that this young man would actually give up such a rare opportunity to enter the Nebula Academy! Moreover, he did not speak out earlier to clarify anything but with just a few words, he had hit the heart of the words that the others did not dare voice out.

    "You, you, you..."

    Teacher Wang's face flushed red as he glared at him. If not for the deputy headmaster, he would have taught him a proper lesson!

    The deputy headmaster also looked at Guan Xilin with a startled gaze. He did not think that this young man who would actually dare to say such words and the moment he had finished speaking, he immediately turned to leave. The deputy headmaster had initially wanted to speak out but he was brushed off just like that and that young man had gallantly walked out with these words: "I also returning this thing to you."

    Next, with a 'clank', a token was thrown onto the floor.

    The moment the deputy headmaster saw this, he could not help but widen his eyes. With a glance, he immediately recognized it as the start of them and that he had given to that red robed youth called Feng Jiu. He immediately called out, "Wait a moment."
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