644 He is my brother

    However, Guan Xilin had no intention to stop and he continued walking as if he did not hear anything at all.

    Both Little Jiu and him had the recommendation letter from the black market. With that recommendation letter, even if they were from a ninth grade country, they did not need to compete for places with the other ninth grade countries and could directly come to register for Nebula Academy.

    In addition to this recommendation letter from the black market, Little Jiu had also given him that star token and told him that if that recommendation letter did not come in handy, he should use the star token. Although he accepted it, never once did the thought of entering the Nebula Academy directly without going to the assessment pass his mind.

    It was because he wanted to rely on his own strength and also wanted to see how far his own strength had reached. If he could not enter his own strength, then it would not be too late to use the star token.

    However, the largest and most infamous Nebula Academy throughout the sixth to ninth grade countries had actually such unscrupulous characters as teachers. With such characters as teachers who did not care about right from wrong, and even revealed such malicious killing intent towards a student, he had to say that he was extremely disappointed with Nebula Academy.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Wait a moment, wait I say." When he saw that he did not stop at all, the deputy headmaster quickly chased him from behind.

    The few other young men did not recognise the star token so they had no idea what Guan Xilin threw out. However, the two other teachers recognised it immediately and when he saw the star token, Teacher Wang's face turned ashen and beads of cold sweat started forming on his forehead.

    And as for Teacher He, he had on a bewildered expression. He did not expect that this young man actually had star token.

    The deputy headmaster stopped Guan Xilin and looked at him carefully. Looking at him from head to toe, he did not see any semblance of that red robed youth so he asked, "What is your relationship with Feng Jiu?"

    When he heard his question, Guan Xilin turned to look at the deputy headmaster and replied after a moment: "He is my younger brother."

    His younger brother?

    The deputy headmaster looked at his face again and say that he had large eyes with thick brows, he was handsome and built was large. He could not relate that beautiful youth with this heroic young man before him. He could not help but ask, "The both of you do not look very much alike? Could it be that you are half brothers with different mothers?"

    When the other young men heard the deputy headmaster's question, they were a little dumbfounded. What was happening? Whether or not they had the same mother, what business of it was his?

    When Guan Xilin heard his question, he looked at the deputy headmaster a little strangely and replied, "His father is my foster father."

    "Oh? So this is the case."

    The deputy headmaster was enlightened. No wonder he felt that there was no resemblance between the two, it was because they did not share the same blood. Looking at this young man before him, he pondered for a moment before he asked: "What is your name?"

    "Guan Xilin."

    "Ha ha ha, actually have the same surname as this old man!" He smiled and patted his strong shoulders with appreciation and said with an amiable smile, "This old man's surname is also Guan. Looks like we have affinity. Come, come, let's go to a side and have a good talk."

    "There is no need to. There's nothing to talk about." He replied coldly and was just about to leave.

    "Wait, wait, wait!" The deputy headmaster stopped him again and sighed: "Your temper is very similar to Feng Jiu though. Are you dissatisfied with this old man's punishment of Teacher Wang? Wait for a moment."

    As he said that, he was trying to appease him and not let him leave as he turned to look at Teacher Wang who had turned white and was drenched in cold sweat. In a stern voice, he said: "Go back and pack your things. Leave by today! Nebula Academy does not need such a character as a teacher!"
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