645 From a ninth grade country?

    When he said that out, it shocked everyone as they looked at him incredulously.

    Teacher Wang had his eyes wide open as he slumped onto the ground listlessly. All colour was drained from his face as he looked at the deputy headmaster. He wanted to say something but no words came out.

    He then turned his head over to look at that hateful young man. He felt bitter in his heart, if not for him, how would he end up like this? He had been fired from Nebula Academy and his future was ruined! It had broken his path to riches!

    "Why are you still here?!" The deputy headmaster glared at him and yelled out once again.

    Teacher Wang gnashed his teeth and took a deep breath before he stood up. He glared at Guan Xilin fiercely before he turned to leave begrudgingly.

    He swore that he would exact vengeance for today!

    Guan Xilin took another look at the deputy headmaster. Never would he have thought that he would actually fire that teacher just like that. Afterall, all the teachers in Nebula Academy had been meticulously selected after going through many layers of screening. They all had a certain degree of strength to be able to stand out and yet the deputy headmaster just kicked him or just like that.

    With all that had happened, he lowered his eyes and how gaze wavered. He remained silent all this while.

    "Ha ha ha, we can have that talk now right?" The deputy headmaster looked at him and when he saw him nod his head, he then said to Teacher He who was standing by the side : "I will leave those few typing men to you, as for this..."

    His gaze landed on Guan Xilin and he chortled before he continued his words, "This old man here will personally settle his matters."


    Teacher He replied respectfully add he saw the deputy headmaster lead that young man called Guan Xilin away before he retracted his gaze. He then helped with the registration for those that remained.

    After they entered a courtyard, while the old man was bandaging Guan Xilin's wounds, he asked, "How about that younger brother of yours? Since he gave you the star token, what about him? Is he not coming?"

    "He's already here."

    "What? He's here already? How can that be? This old man had already been to the Spirit Division and couldn't find him. There's also no record of him right here in the Mystical Division."

    The old man stroked his beard and the more he thought about it, the frown in his brows deepened. When he had first met that youth, he had been anticipating the day he joined Nebula Academy. He had a feeling that if he were to join Nebula Academy, he would definitely bring glory to Nebula Academy!

    When Guan Xilin heard him muttering to himself, he was startled as well.

    Little Jiu was not at the Spirit Division? Nor the Mystical Division? Then could she be at the Pharmacy Division? Or perhaps the Alchemy Division? She said that she would come so that means she would definitely do so. He wouldn't be surprised if she was already in the academy.

    He had already a rough idea from his own speculations but he didn't reveal any of that. He only said: "Since he said that he would come, then he most definitely will. All deputy headmaster needs to do is to check out for a bit."

    "Do you think that this old man hasn't done so? There's no record of him in these two divisions, how do you expect me to check anything?" He sighed deeply as he passed Guan Xilin an enrollment form to complete.

    "Just fill up all your details and you'll officially be a student of the Mystical Division. If you have any questions in the future, just look for a teacher. If it still can't be settled then come look for this old man. Don't just rely on your fists all the time and fight with a teacher. In the end, the person who's at the losing end is you."

    When he heard his concern, Guan Xilin looked up at him and replied with a 'mn' before he took the form from him and started filling it up in earnest.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Deputy headmaster, it's done." After a short while, he had already filled up the form and returned it.

    The old man picked it up and skimmed past the information but when he saw that he had written down 'ninth grade country', he was stunned for a moment before he looked at Guan Xilin with a mystified expression and clarified, "You..you're from a ninth grade country?!"


    Seeing him reply in such a straightforward manner, the deputy headmaster was at a sudden loss of words. Never would he have thought that this remarkable young man before him would actually be from a ninth grade country. Didn't they say that ninth grade countries couldn't produce any outstanding talents?
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