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    In the end, the deputy headmaster looked at him with a new found appreciation and said in an encouraging tone: "Work hard and learn as much as you can in the academy. To be able to stand out amongst so many talents, it only goes to show that you are very outstanding."

    He then continued on, "Later, you simply need to report to the Mystical Division. Just look for Teacher He, he'll arrange everything for you. Also, if your younger brother Feng Jiu comes looking for you,remember to inform this old man."

    "Yes." Guan Xilin nodded and when he saw that his wound had been completely bandaged up, he then turned to bow with gratitude before he made his way to the Mystical Division.

    The very next day, Feng Jiu had already prepared everything early in the morning and after she had a simple breakfast, she made her way to the Alchemy Division.

    Today was the orientation for new students and she was looking forward to it. Although she had a few accomplishments in Alchemy, but no one had ever guided her. If she were to have someone guide and advise her, perhaps she would be able to take a big leap in Alchemy much faster than fumbling through it on her own.

    With her heart filled with anticipation, she took quick and light steps towards the Alchemy Division. She arrived half an hour later but discovered that it was empty and not a single soul could be seen. She thought to herself that perhaps she was too early hence she took a leisurely stroll around. She peered into those alchemy rooms and found that each of them were furnished with an alchemy furnace.

    "Why is it so messy? That's weird, why does it look as if these alchemy rooms have not been used for a long time?" She muttered to herself and after exploring all the Alchemy rooms, she returned back to where she came from and waited.

    After another half an hour passed, she was still the only person standing there and a gust of wind blew past, blowing up all the fallen leaves and a feeling of desolation crept into her heart.

    Yet after another half an hour had passed by, which by now she had already found a place to sit but she had on a strange expression. Why wasn't there a trace of anyone else? This wasn't right, after waiting for so long, she was the only person who had arrived.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Just as she was still trying to figure it out, she suddenly heard the sound of people talking and when she turned to look at the source of the voices, she saw that it wash the same two teachers whom she had met yesterday. While strolling over, they were immersed in their conversation.

    When the two of them saw Feng Jiu who was sitting there in a daze, they immediately stopped talking and looked at her in bewilderment. One of them quickly asked, "Feng Jiu, how long have you been waiting here?"

    This child, why was he waiting here all alone on his own? Looking at him sitting there all alone in this vast yard...sigh! This silly child! This child was really too naive, if there wasn't anyone, why didn't he just go look for Steward Sun and ask? They could only blame it on themselves for not explaining things to him yesterday.

    "Good morning teachers."

    The moment Feng Jiu saw them both, she stood up and walked over. After she reached them, she smiled and said: "Steward Sun mentioned that today is the orientation for new students so I came earlier to have a look. But after waiting for a long while, I haven't seen the figure of anyone else. It's great that both teachers have arrived."

    When they heard her words, they both smiled gently at her. They did not come here today for the new student orientation but because they had something urgent to attend to. But now that things have turned out this way, they couldn't very well say it out.

    Therefore, one of them coughed awkwardly and said : "Oh! Sure, let's tell you more about some of the basics in alchemy."

    "Teacher, don't we need to wait for the other students?" She asked him with wide eyes, her heart filled with curiosity.

    "Hahaha, there's no need to." The other teacher waved his hand in dismissal as he revealed a friendly and warm smile. "In the enrollment this time, you are the only student who had been admitted."

    When she heard his words, she was so startled that she looked at him incredulously and pointed to herself : "There's...there's just me?" How could this be? They held the enrollment once every three years, how could she be the only one who had been admitted?
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