647 Gone

    "Mmm hmm, we are extremely stringent in our student selection." That teacher replied with a straight face. After coughing out lightly, he continued on, "As for the other divisions, or of a thousand students, they would select one. For us, we select one out of ten thousand. Entering our Alchemy Division is no easy feat."

    After he said that, he patted her shoulders and looked at her with a face filled with hope : "That is why, you have to work hard and you can be the hope of our Alchemy Division."

    "Ah? Ho...hope?"

    She looked at them with a strange expression as a foreboding feeling started to well up in her heart. She could not help but ask: "That...teacher... How many students are there in the Alchemy Division?"

    The moment that question came up, the two teachers could not help but exchange glances before they straightened out their expressions before they looked at her.

    "Feng Jiu, let us tell you the truth! In the Alchemy Division..... You are the only student!"

    Sure enough...

    She twisted her lips. Ever since she entered the Alchemy Division, she felt that it was strange. What closed door seclusion, what mission, they were all rubbish! In fact, there were no other students at all!


    One of the teachers coughed awkwardly and said, "It's like this, our Alchemy Division used to have a lot of students before, but because our enrollment happens only once every three years and those that had been selected were truly too few and those that had been selected could not endure it and some left only after one year, so that's it... Gradually, the students in the Alchemy Division thinned out."

    "Well, but you don't have to worry, there are still alchemy teachers in the Alchemy Division. In addition to the two of us, there are several other teachers and even an ancestor ranked Alchemist in our midst. Work hard and you will have a chance to meet one another in the future."

    "Come, come. This cosmos sack is for you, once you go back and have a look, you will understand. If there's anything that you don't understand, you can use the jade slips inside to send us a message and ask us."

    So, they stuffed a cosmos sack into her hands and explained some simple steps of alchemy with her and let her go back to study it on her own.

    Feng Jiu took the cosmos sack to her own cave dwelling and only felt that her head was all muddled. She entered the Alchemy Division and thought that she could learn directly from the famous teachers and watch them refine. But who knows, they were simply asking her to study on her own!

    As she walked on in a daze, she found a place to sit down and looked at the things in the cosmos sack. Seeing that the contents inside were the basic steps of alchemy, there were two jade slips and a small bag of seeds.

    She looked at seeds for a moment and thought that it would be better to plant some spirit vegetables instead, so that at least she didn't need to wait too long to harvest them to eat it for herself.

    So, instead of heading back to the cave dwelling, she changed her course and went down the mountain, thinking about going to the stall to see if they sold any vegetable seeds. But who knew, when she arrived, she saw that the stall had been removed. .

    "What happened? Yesterday it was still there? Was it demolished today?" She stood there with a dumbfounded expression. The mountain where the Alchemy Division was located on was so big, yet there was only such a small stall in this place. Now, it had been demolished? What if she wanted to buy something?

    Steward Sun came from afar and saw the lone figure of a youth standing in a daze. He asked apprehensively: "Feng Jiu? What are you doing there?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Steward Sun...this..." When she hadn't finished talking, she saw him laugh.

    "You're looking for the stall? It has already been removed, new orders from above had arrived and there are a few major changes. Now there are no longer any stalls in the entire academy. There are only places open for barter trade. If there's anything you want, you have to exit the Alchemy Division and head towards the foot of Verdant Mountain to exchange for items."
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