648 Myriad Beasts Mountain Range

    After hearing his explanation, her first response was to ask, "Steward Sun, how long will it take to get to the Verdant Mountain from here?"

    "The Verdant Mountain is located at the central juncture of all the divisions in the academy. So, it takes two or three hours the fastest to walk from here. But if you have flying magical artifacts or swords, it will be faster than walking."

    "I got it." She sighed softly, then turned around and walked back.

    Her airship was too luxurious and eye-catching. Of course, she couldn't use it. She obtained several flying magical artifacts from the black market but she set them aside for her father. As for the flying sword, it's unnecessary to think about it. She couldn't ride it without foundation building.

    Seeing Feng Jiu turning around and left, Steward Sun paused for a moment and shouted. "If you don't have those, as long as you have five thousand contribution points, you can use them to exchange with a flying magical artifact at the academy's Sky Building."

    Feng Jiu stopped moving and looked back at him with her eyes glowing. "You said that there's a place in this academy for magical artifacts' exchange? Does it have all kinds of magical artifacts? Is there anything else besides those things?"

    "There are countless treasures in the academy's Sky Building. Have no fear that you won't be able to find whatever you want. Only fear that you don't have enough contribution points." Steward Sun smiled. Then, he also gave a reminder. "Students can only make exchanges there."

    "We can't pay for it?"

    Steward Sun glanced at Feng Jiu, the corner of his lips drawn. "Do you think Nebula Academy is short of money?"

    "Five thousand contribution points? My jade card seems to have only one hundred points. So, I have to do a task?" She was somewhat surprised. She just got into the academy! She hadn't even used the pill furnace, yet she had to rush on a mission in order to get contribution points?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    At this moment, she finally knew why all the students in the Alchemy Division had gone away. As it turned out, it was such a thing...

    Nevertheless, she finally went to the task inspection site to see which tasks were easy and had many contribution points. After taking a look, she focused on the top few tasks.

    The first was to escort goods, requiring a Great Spirit Master to do this work. It had five hundred contribution points. The second was to collect the fire crystals of the one-horned flame beasts in the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range. Each fire crystal received five hundred points of contribution, the time period given was one month.

    In an instant, she became interested in the second task. The one-horned flame beast was a seventh-rank spiritual beast. It's very difficult to catch due to its speed. Each one-horned flame beast could only produce one fire crystal a year. But there must have been more than one such beast in the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range. With a large number of contributions, it was easy to collect five thousand points.

    She immediately made up her mind to take up the task. She registered her name at the taskbar and returned to her cave dwelling. She did not intend to take Old White with her and even called out the Cloud Devouring Beast inside the spatial space. She planned to let them guard the cave dwelling and get their own food.

    After getting ready, Feng Jiu briefed the two beasts over and over again. Then she left the Alchemy Division in high spirits. Feng Jiu headed for Myriad Beasts Mountain Range according to the map instructions...

    Shortly after her departure, Guan Xilin heard that she was at the Alchemy Division and came to look for her. After some inquiry, he found her cave dwelling. However, he saw that it was impossible to enter the area because the formation was active. Instead, he saw Old White and Cloud Devouring Beast around the cave dwelling.

    "Cloud Devouring Beast, where's Little Jiu?" He asked this question since he knew that the Cloud Devouring Beast, a peak level Beast Saint, could speak.

    The Cloud Devouring Beast, lying lazily on the grass, glanced at him and answered, "Mistress has gone on a mission and will be back in a month."
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