649 Pilfering Food

    Guan Xilin was surprised. She was out to do a task just now?

    He was aware that this academy required all kinds of contribution points. However, she probably didn't need them much, did she? Even if she needed it, she shouldn't be in such a hurry, right?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    After a short pause, he asked, "Did she say where she went? Why does it take a month?"

    "She didn't say." It lay still and did not pay any more attention to him.

    Guan Xilin didn't ask any more questions. There was usually no concern for her safety in the academy. He wanted to talk to Feng Jiu, but now he had to wait for a month.

    "Then I'm leaving. When she comes back, tell her that I came over and that I'm in the Mystical Energy division. I'll come to see her when I have time." After leaving the message, he turned around and left. He didn't pay attention earlier in his hurry to find her, but now he found out that she lived in a far-flung location.

    Since he entered the Alchemy Division area, not only did he not meet its students, but it was also very difficult to find Steward Sun. Compared with the bustling and prosperous Mystical Energy Division, this was just like a forgotten place.

    At the same time, Feng Jiu, who was going to the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range alone, was getting ready to climb over the mountains. Suddenly, an appetizing aroma of meat came with the breeze, halting her steps.

    "Smells good!" She gulped, her eyes lit up.

    These two days, she had eaten some pastries from the spatial space. She didn't even drink any soup. When she smelled the aroma, her saliva overflowed. She followed the direction of the aroma.

    As she followed the scent, she saw a wooden board hanging outside a courtyard with the words "fire hearth kitchen, no admittance". She couldn't help swallowing her saliva.

    This was the place to prepare meals for the academy's teachers!

    When she smelled the aroma, her stomach started growling. She didn't feel hungry before, but now she was famished.

    She stretched her neck to take a look and restrained her breath. She saw that only two people were busy in the big kitchen. It seemed that the two men were cooks and everything was handled by their hands. But outside the kitchen, there were more than a dozen assistants bringing the prepared meat and vegetables inside. When she saw the kitchen table was laid out with various cooked dishes, she eventually could not help going around to the back of the kitchen. While nobody noticed, she stealthily jumped in from the window and hid under the table.

    When she furtively looking around, she saw that the two cooks didn't pay any attention to this side at all and the assistants outside couldn't see this area. So, her one hand quietly reached out to the table, picked up a roast chicken on the table and stuffed the plate inside the spatial space.

    While hiding, she moved and gently took the big stew goblet's lid off. The two cooks were talking. She promptly took out a container that could fit a pigeon in it quietly, filled it with meat stew to the brim, and hid it inside the spatial space.

    When she saw that less than half of the stew was left, after some thoughts, she scooped some water from the side and pouring it in. Mm, when it's continuously being stewed, although it tasted a little mild, it was still soup.

    The newly arrived Young Master Mo Chen is so picky about food. We sent twelve dishes at noon and they were returned almost untouched. The headmaster also told us that we had to do it carefully. This job is really not easy to do!"

    "That's all right. He'll be satisfied with the eight treasures spirit pigeon soup we've been stewing since morning. Try taking a whiff. The lid of the goblet's saturated with the aroma."
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