651 You drink the soup firs

    "Sigh! I'm regretting it so much! There's nothing in the Alchemy Division. It's so pathetic that there are so few people there, not even one person to converse with. Not to mention the food. Father and grandfather would feel sorry for me if they know that I'm starving here."

    While talking aloud, Feng Jiu bit the chicken leg in her hand and ate it up quickly. Then she tossed the bone right away and picked up the trotters cooked in soy sauce to gnaw on.

    Perhaps because he saw the youth underneath the tree gobbling food with such an excellent appetite that Mo Chen's stomach started growling.

    This sound was not loud at all. But at this moment, it rang so clear, in Feng Jiu's ears it was like thunder. It startled her to instinctively look up toward the tree. Once she took a glance, she was so astonished that her hand dropped the trotter on the ground. The meat inside her mouth was not swallowed properly and made her choke. She had a coughing fit.

    "Cough cough cough..."

    She patted her chest and stood up. She wanted to curse the man who was hiding here without anybody knowing and scaring people. But when she recalled the things she had just said, she suddenly felt a guilty conscience. Then she calmed down, suppressed her anger and grinned.

    "Are you hungry, too? Come down and eat together. I have so many things!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Mo Chen saw the youth underneath the tree changed his expressions so rapidly, from being flustered to getting angry and then finally feeling guilty. His eyes shifted slightly, but he didn't go down from the tree. He was quietly sitting and quietly watching.

    Aware that she was ignored, Feng Jiu smiled. "Are you a student the Spirit Energy division? We've met before outside the academy in the exact position, above and below the tree. It's truly a fated encounter!"

    Indeed! She escaped here to eat the stolen food, but she would still meet people by accident. But this immortal man's strength apparently was way above her, she didn't even know when he came. When she thought that she had previously taken things out of her space under his eyes, she was diffident.

    He probably didn't realize that her spatial space was different from an ordinary space.

    Time seemed to be at a standstill. Feng Jiu, under the tree, felt her face turned stiff from smiling. She did not see any response from the person above. After quite a while, just as she was thinking about whether she would jump up on top of the tree and hand the food directly to him, the immortal man in white leapt gently and stood steadily in front of her.

    Her eyes lit up, she pulled him toward the grassy area where the dishes were placed and pushed him to a sitting position. "Sit down, sit down, I'll give you the soup. The soup tastes good. I heard from the kitchen people that it was prepared for some Young Master Mo Chen. I just drank a bowl. It's really good."

    As she said this, she ladled a bowlful of soup excitedly and then handed it over to him with both hands. However, when she saw him sitting on the grass, the immortal man in white turned his head slightly and looked at the two greasy handprints on his white sleeve. She froze and smiled in embarrassment.

    "That, this, I did not do it deliberately. I was too excited."

    Yeah, she was so agitated because she was caught stealing food. He had to be dragged in to be her partner in crime. She didn't believe that after he drank the soup, he would tell others what had happened today.

    However, he stared at the two greasy handprints on the sleeve for a long time and then glanced at the oily handprint on the shoulder. She finally couldn't help saying, "Otherwise, what about you drink the soup first. Take the robe off later. I'll wash it for you."
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