654 Cold and Strange Mo Chen

    The first rays of the morning sun peeked through the leaves. Feng Jiu was about to turn over when she remembered she was sleeping on the tree. She stopped herself in time and yawned instead.

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    She blinked and listened to the morning breeze blowing through the leaves, the birds chirped away at the top of the trees. She felt at ease. But at this moment, she caught sight of the person who sat quietly on the tree next to her, looking at her. She fell to the ground in shock.

    She held on to the branch and patted her chest as she glared at him: "Why have you followed me? Do you not make any sounds at all? Do you not realise you could have scared me to death?" She had not expected to open her eyes this morning to see this guy.

    However, in her eyes, this guy was not the disgraced immortal she had first met. The feeling was more like a wandering ghost, always appearing by her side without her knowing it. How many times has it been now?

    "I need your help."

    Mo Chen spoke calmly, his eyes looked towards the forest: "In there, we can find the five spirit herbs and materials that I want."

    "Don't joke with me. You are far more superior than me, why would you need my help?" Feng Jiu waved her hands: " Out of the five things you need, four of them need to be obtained from the spirit beasts. Don't get me involved, I don't want to lose my life!"

    Mo Chen looked at her: "You don't have to catch the beast, you just need to collect it for me."

    Feng Jiu scrutinised him: "Aren't you from the Spirit Division? Why would a student from the Spirit DIvision need to find these medicines? Or are you from the Pharmacy Division? No, you don't have the smell of medicine on you. Which division are you from?"

    Mo Chen did not reply and only said: "You ruined my sky silkworm robe."

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu's mouth twitched but she could not speak. Suddenly, she found that this man was indeed utterly disgraceful. Had she not tried to wash his robes? Did he need to complain about it time and again?

    "Fine, I will stop asking. Satisfied? You say are catching the beasts yourself and I am only helping you, but I have my own things I need to do! Don't bother me if there is nothing else." She snorted at him and landed on the ground gently. She looked at her surroundings, then sat down on the ground, took out some herbs and started to mash them up.

    It was too much trouble to look for the one-horned flame beast in the large forest. If she were to let it come to look for her instead then it would be much easier to retrieve its fire crystal.

    Upon seeing the young boy sat on the ground mashing herbs, he was startled and asked: "How long do you need?"

    "About half an hour." She replied without lifting her head.

    "After half an hour, come with me into the centre of Myriad Beasts Mountain Range." The materials that he was looking for were all in that part of the forest, there was nothing outside of it.

    "Okay, I know. I have to go there too." She said, her hands handling the herbs with speed.

    After about half an hour, with two bottles full of herbs stuffed into her sleeves, she stood up and said to the person stood there watching her the whole time: "Let's go!"

    Mo Chen walked with the young boy seeing that everything seemed to be handled well and his instructions were being followed. However, he had only taken a step and his sleeve was tugged by the youth.

    He did not look at him but at the hand that held on to his sleeve.

    "Relax, my hand is clean!" She rolled her eyes: "You aren't thinking of just walking in are you? You don't have a sword?"
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