655 A Teacher?

    Mo Chen looked at the youth, like he had only just remembered the incident about his dirtied sleeve. A green jadecoloured bamboo flute with a jasper tassel appeared in front of him and he was about to step on it. Just as he was about to call to the youth, he discovered that the youth was already staring at the flute by his feet, and he even reached out to touch the tassel on the flute.

    "This flute is beautiful, is it made of bamboo? Where is it made? This shade of green is so eye-catching!"

    Once Feng Jiu's eyes landed on the flute, she could not bear to look away. The flute grew in size and there was a spiritual presence coming from the flute. Even if the man in white had stepped on the flute, it would not have mattered. The flute had come alive gently swaying, it was beautiful to watch.

    Mo Chen was about to call him when he saw the flute swaying. The youth had already jumped up and put a hand on his shoulder.

    "Let go."

    He frowned, he never liked being touched by anyone. He kept being touched by this youth, even though he had not felt repulsed, but he did not like it. Especially since he had ruined his robe.

    "I can't let go. What if I fall down after I let go? I can't fly." Feng Jiu looked at the flute and thought to herself that it would be pretty nice to have something like this to hang on her waist.

    Mo Chen raised his eyebrow and said: "Hold on to the edge of the sleeve." When he finished speaking he saw the youth had already gripped on tightly to the edge of his sleeve, his eyes staring firmly at the flute on the ground.

    Seeing this, he said nothing more. He used his spiritual energy and stepped onto the flute and they flew towards the center of the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range....

    This was the first time she had stepped on an aircraft and flown in the sky. The whistling wind blew across her face, unlike being in a spaceship where there is a shield. There is also the worry about the possibility of slipping off the aircraft, but it was an exciting feeling.

    "What are you looking for in here?"

    Feng Jiu was deep in thought when she heard the man in white ask her a question, so she replied: "To collect the fire crystal from the one-horned flame beast in order to earn contribution points." She then asked with curiosity: "Why do you need those medicines? Are you a student from the Medical Division? Or the Spirit Division?"

    She was very curious indeed.

    The person in front of her did not speak, as if he had not heard her question. His gaze remained fixed ahead, until they reached the center of the Myriad Beast Mountain Range, then he landed them onto the ground. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Feng Jiu leapt onto the ground and watched as the man in white picked up his flute and placed it around his waist. Did he keep it in the Spatial Space?

    As she was still thinking about it, she saw him raise his hand and created an enchanted circle. Her eyes narrowed.

    He was not a student!

    Even the top students at Nebula Academy could not place an enchanted array so easily.

    "This enchanted array can protect you. If you encounter any danger, just come in. The spirit beasts in the forest cannot enter it." After he spoke, with a twitch of his toes, he disappeared right in front of Feng Jiu.

    "Hey....." Feng Jiu shouted, but saw that the man was nowhere to be seen in the forest, he had disappeared.

    "He is a teacher? Are there such young teachers in the college" She groaned but did not give it any more thought. She walked out of the enchantment to prepare her entrapment plans.

    However, the moment she walked out of the enchanted array, a pair of bloodthirsty eyes glared at her through the leaves of the trees. When she was about ten meters away from the enchanted array, multiple dark shadows leapt out towards her.....
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