656 Ninth Order King Beas


    There was a low pitched roar and one of the shadows rushed at Feng Jiu. Its sharp claws ripped through midair. Feng Jiu had sensed the danger behind her and dodged to the side immediately, then looked back with a smile.

    "I wondered what you were! So it's the ninth order king beast!"

    She smiled as she looked at the six headed king beast which had nearly surrounded her. This beast had a body of a dog, a cow's horns, sharp teeth and claws like a wolf, and a layer of black scales that resembled fish scales. The beast was about one metre tall and was looking at her, licking its mouth and drooling.

    In the next moment, the beast at the front and back leapt towards her, their mouths opened wide as they attempted to bite her with their sharp fangs. She reached into her shoe and took out a dagger, then leapt onto the back on one of the beasts. She drove the dagger with mysterious breath into the most lethal spot of the king beast's head.


    "Ah Wooooooo!"

    The sound of the blade piercing through the flesh of the beast as accompanied by the howl of the beast. The beast collapsed onto the ground the moment Feng Jiu pulled out the dagger.

    The fifth order king beast stepped back, the breath in the air solidified, the whistling air flowed through sharp like a knife. It was not inferior to the Martial Ancestor Masters. If it were any other student who was surrounded by five or six beasts from the ninth order, they would not be still stood up at this point.

    Feng Jiu, with her strange speed and strength, was able to subdue the ninth order king beast with one fatal blow.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    However, these beasts have now wisened up. After she had killed four more beasts, she had jumped onto the back of one of them and held on to its horn with one hand, her dagger in the other hand. She was about to stab the beast when she saw another beast leapt towards her with no fear of death. It slammed into her and scratched her hand causing her dagger to drop from her hand.

    She fell from the beast's back from the impact to her body. At this moment, the king beast ran wildly towards her. As if it was trying to kill her by brute force. Not only that, but the beast behind her was doing the same.

    In that moment, she was unable to react. She could only hold on to the beast's horn tightly and tried to get her dagger. However, with all the wild knocking against the trees, she was unable to steady herself. She was only just able to grab onto the other horn.


    The branches scraped past her body and her robes were ripped. There was burning pain and fresh blood oozed from her skin.

    The king beast ran at high speed and swerved about as if to try to throw her off its back. As the beast ran out of the forest, she heard the sound of water from afar and could not help but be surprised.

    "Damn it! Stop!"

    Right in front of them was a torrent of water, so turbulent that you could not see the bottom. If one were to fall in...

    She made a split-second decision and jumped down from the king beast's back immediately. But at this point, the beast that was following them from behind slammed into her the moment she jumped off the king beast and pushed her towards the torrent of water......
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