875 The Third Elder

    The Shangguan family's daughter was stunned. Seeing that a Foundation Building cultivator was not the young man's opponent, she couldn't help but gasp and step back.

    She was sure, this young man concealed his cultivation!

    However, even if the young man possessed an outstanding strength, he couldn't have beaten that Foundation Building cultivator so easily to the point of not being able to dodge and get up, right? Perhaps, this wasn't a boy at all, but an Old Monster?

    The more she thought about it, the more likely it was. Then, she looked at the middle-aged man in grey. At this time, he was put into a tough situation by a small beast and his body was covered with blood.

    "Do you want to run away?"

    Feng Jiu caught a glimpse of the woman's turning around, making a movement to leave. Her lips curved and lashed her whip at the woman. However, this time she didn't hit the woman again, because the whip was suddenly held by an old man in grey.

    "Young Master, now that you've given vent to your anger, let's stop!" The old man in grey held the whip and didn't let Feng Jiu hit the woman.

    "Third, third elder."

    At the sight of the old man, there was a trace of fear in the woman's eyes. Her arrogance was restrained a lot. She even stood behind the old man respectfully with eyes drooping, afraid to move.

    When the man in grey saw the old man, his heart sank. He hurriedly restrained his move and stepped back. He went behind the old man and said, "I have seen the Third Elder."

    "Hmph!" The old man snorted heavily. He cast a sharp glance at the woman, then his gaze fell on the middle-aged man. "I let you follow her and that's how you do it? She didn't understand matters, so you also did the same? Truly ridiculous!"

    The two people were lectured but dared not refute. They could only listen with their head down.

    Looking at this scene, Feng Jiu's eyes moved toward the old man. He saw that he was a Nascent Soul cultivator. Listening to those two people, it seemed that the old man was the Shangguan family's elder?

    "What are you doing standing there? Still haven't apologized to Young Master Feng yet?" He looked at the two people standing behind and shouted fiercely.

    "Third Elder, clearly..." The woman was unwilling. But, before she had finished speaking, when she met the majestic and fierce eyes, she could not help but lower her head and swallow her words.

    She looked at Feng Jiu and clenched her teeth. "I'm sorry."

    "Young Master Feng, please forgive our rudeness." The man in grey went forward and bowed down. He did not dare not listen to the words of the Third Elder.

    "Young Master, we were impolite." The old man nodded his head slightly while speaking to Feng Jiu.

    When Feng Jiu saw this, she didn't say anything. She raised her hand and threw the whip back. "Alright. This Young Master is a magnanimous adult and does not dispute with a small person."

    She turned around and went to the stall. She gave the couple two gold coins to compensate for their broken table. She asked them to serve another pot of tea. Then she called back the Cloud Swallowing Beast and sat down at the table that had not been broken.

    "You go back first." The old man turned to the two and signalled them to leave earlier.

    "Yes." The two people didn't dare to speak much. After giving their answers, they returned to the inn.

    When they left, the old man stepped forward and came to the table where Fengjiu was sitting. Looking at the beautiful face, he asked with a smile, "Young Master Feng, can I sit down?"

    Feng Jiu glanced at him. "What do you want to do?" The old man's gaze was odd.

    Seeing the precaution in Feng Jiu's eyes, the old man smiled. "Young Master, there's no need to be anxious. I just want to sit down and have a cup of tea, chat with you and make a friend."
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