657 For You

    Her heart stopped as she felt the impact of her whole body being slammed against the beast. Even if she had tried to stabilize her body, she couldn't do it. As she stared at the torrent of water in front of her, she couldn't even scream.

    She was thinking, once she fell into the water she could enter the Spatial Space. That way, she could at least preserve her life. However, just as the thought entered her mind, a white figure flashed past and pulled her to safety by her collar.

    Embarrassment crossed her mind and it took her awhile before she came to her senses. When she did, she saw the sleeve of the man in white wave up and with a visible spiritual force he swept the two beasts into the torrent of water.


    Frightened screams could be heard but they were drowned out in an instant. She looked at the torrent of water but could only hear the waves that swallowed the beasts.

    "You dare to provoke the ninth order beast king? Do you not want to live?"

    There was anger in Mo Chen's eyes. If he had not heard the commotion and rushed back, the youth would have died right here!

    Feng Jiu touched her nose and replied: "I didn't go provoking them, rather they besieged me and I couldn't run into the enchanted circle!" She had not expected things to turn out like this. She didn't even fear the sacred beast. She would be a laughing stock if it was known she nearly died at the hands of several ninth order beasts.

    Mo Chen glared at the youth then swished his sleeves and walked away.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu sighed and followed him: "Thank you for saving me."

    The person in front had not even acknowledged her and continued to walk on forwards.

    Feng Jiu ran alongside him and asked: "Were you not going to catch a beast? How did you hear the commotion on this side? Are you a teacher? A teacher from the Spirit Division?"

    Mo Chen was silent the whole walk back to the enchanted circle. However, when he saw the corpses of the four beasts in front of the enchanted circle, there was a glimmer in his eyes as he turned to ask the youth: "Did you kill them?"

    She scratched her head, looked left and right then asked him: "Do you see anyone else here?"

    Mo Chen looked at her deeply. The knife wound was right in the middle of the fatal point, edges of the wound were neat. The speed and control of the knife must have been fast and subtle or it could not have been done.

    This youth was always surprising him.

    "Enter the enchanted circle to tend to your wounds. Don't wander anywhere else." He watched Feng Jiu enter the enchanted circle before he turned and walked away.

    Feng Jiu bandaged up the wounds caused by the branches. After she watched him walk away, she looked at her surroundings and walked out of the enchanted circle. She dragged the corpses of the beasts into the enchanted circle and began to dissect off the useful parts of the beasts. Once she had finished with the corpses of the beasts, the man in white appeared. She was surprised to see that he had caught two one-horned flame beasts.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "For you." He drew up another enchanted circle to contain the beasts then turned around and left again.

    Feng Jiu blinked a few times in shock and looked at the two one-horned beasts trapped in the enchanted circle. Then she looked at the man in white walking away. She was speechless.

    She went over to the other enchanted circle and used her dagger to dig out the fire crystals. She looked at the two beasts trapped in the enchanted circle, and her eyes lit up as a bold thought crossed her mind.
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