658 Condensed Fire Crystal

    The property of the one-horned flame beast was fire, that's why they could create fire crystals every year. However, these fire crystals were usually swallowed by the one-horned flame beasts to add to their source of fire. If she could ignite the fire in their bodies, would they be able to create fire crystals in less than a year?

    Well, she could try.

    Herbs that ignite fire were not particularly precious, just a few herbs with fire properties should be able to achieve this effect. Once she knew what she needed to do, she went back into the other enchanted circle and got to work.

    After about half an hour, pills about the size of a dragon's eye appeared in her hands. It looked like mud and did not smell of medicine or herbs. On the contrary it smelled a bit like meat.

    "Come here, eat this!" She squatted outside of the enchanted circle and held out two pills. The two beasts glanced at her, snorted and turned their heads away. However, when they caught a whiff of the smell, they couldn't resist turning back to her. They swallowed it whole quickly, as if afraid of eating slowly.

    Feng Jiu observed the two beasts after they ate the pills. Initially they had no reaction. However, after a few breaths, they started pacing around the enchanted circle. The top of the beast head where it stored fire crystals gradually filled up with a stream of air. The airflow was concentrated with spiritual energy and slowly conglomerating to form a little crystal.

    When she saw the speed of crystal formation, Feng Jiu's eyes opened wide with surprise. She had increased the dose, but she had not expected the crystal to form so quickly!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    In just a few breaths, a fire crystal had formed on the top of the beast's head. After about seven or eight pieces of crystals had been formed, the fire property in the beasts gradually subsided.

    Feng Jiu was stunned, then laughed out loud happily. Her eyes twinkled brightly as she looked at the dozen or so fire crystals the two beasts created. She could just imagine all the contribution points being awarded to her. She fed the two beasts more pills and squatted down to collect more fire crystals.

    When Mo Chen came back, he saw the two beasts in the enchanted circle half dead, their bodies were thinner than before, and their fire properties were barely existent in their bodies. Then he saw the youth sat outside the circle counting.....fire crystals?

    Seeing the number of fire crystals in front of the youth, a feeling of dread came over him. There were only two one-horned fire beasts, at the most there would only be two fire crystals. Why were there so many fire crystals in front of him? Where did he get them?

    "Oh, you're back?" Feng Jiu looked at and saw that he had a blue spirit snake wrapped around his left hand and his right hand held on to a double treasure deer that was not moving. Her eyes lit up at the sight.

    "You actually managed to capture them so quickly? Wow! This is a blue scaled snake! And the double treasure deer is rumoured to have exceptional speed. You actually caught it?" She gathered up her fire crystals and hurried over to him, excited at the snake and deer in his hands.

    Mo Chen gave the youth a strange look, but did not ask how he obtained so many fire crystals. With a wave of his sleeve, two ropes appeared and tied up the snake and deer. He said: "Don't go near them." He removed the enchanted circle around the one-horned fire beasts and placed on around the snake and deer just in case.

    The two one-horned fire beasts looked at her in fear once the enchanted circle was removed and fled. Her eyes narrowed. Was their dying act just a pretense?
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