659 Sixth Grade Soul Elixir

    Mo Chen also looked at the fleeing beasts in surprise. Not at the fact they could run for their lives, but the fear in their eyes when they looked at the youngster.

    He saw the surprise in the young boy's eyes when he turned around. He left him with some instructions then turned around and left again.

    After about an hour, Mo Chen appeared with two more beasts he had captured. He looked at the young boy sat in the enchanted circle making pills and said: "When you're done over there, come and help me."

    Feng Jiu raised her head and looked at him, then packed up after moulding the last pill with exceptional speed. She washed her hands then walked over to him. She saw that he had brought back the two ninth order beasts he had killed earlier. She looked at the two beasts and asked: "How can I help?"

    "Remove all the parts I need for the elixir, and when I tell you to, then you take the blood of the double treasure deer." After he left her instructions, he walked away from the enchanted circle, whipped out a pill furnace out of thin air and began his preparations. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    She got excited at this and immediately got to work. She scrapped the blue scales off the blue spirit snake, removed the fat from the three coloured beast.....

    An alchemist! She had yet to see an alchemist make elixirs since her entrance into the academy. It was not easy for her to meet one. She had to see for herself how his methods differed from hers.

    On the other side, Mo Chen used the fire element from the earth to heat up the furnace. He entered the mountain range for the sixth grade soul elixir pill. The elixir had to be made using the fire from the heart of the earth. Some of the ingredients had to be added to the mixture fresh. Take the blood of the double treasure deer for example, the blood taken had to be warm while it was added to the mixture. That's why he came to Myriad Beast Mountain Range.

    Feng Jiu did as she was instructed and removed all the parts required for the elixir, then went over to his side to watch him work. She saw that he had ignited the fire from the heart of the earth, and could not help but be surprised. He was not only able to use the fire from within his body but also able to ignite the fire from the earth. However, if the fire from the earth was not controlled properly, it would become worthless. That's why not many people would use the fire from the earth to make elixirs.

    Since he dared to use the fire, he must be extremely confident of success. With such confidence, was he an alchemist master or alchemist ancestor?

    There was firewood under the furnace burning away. He had used the willow branches as firewood. Her eyes glimmered in surprise. She watched the man in white with deep concentration as he added the ingredients into the furnace. His skilled approach was one she had never seen before and she was indeed impressed.

    After half an hour, the smell of medicine drifted out from the furnace and spread through the forest. It attracted a number of spirit beasts and ferocious beasts. The beasts were unable to get closer because of the enchanted circle. They were unable to break through the enchanted circle and could only pace around the outside of it.

    "Get the double deer blood!"

    Mo Chen's forehead was covered in sweat as making the elixirs had used up much of his spiritual energy. He was only focused on the medicine in the furnace at this point and had not even turned his head when he shouted instructions at Feng Jiu.


    Feng Jiu turned around and went to the double treasure deer that was tied up and made a small cut with her dagger. She retrieved half a bowl of blood and returned to Mo Chen's side. She watched as he used his hands to magically add the blood into the mixture, not a single drop was left in the bowl.

    She took a step back as she watched him complete the final stages of condensing the elixir. At this time, there was a loud thunderous roar that sounded out through the sky, like a thunderous cry......
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