660 Unable To Refine Pills

    She looked up startled and stared at the billowing clouds and thundering sounds filled the sky. She couldn't help but look at the man in white, secretly excited.

    He was refining fifth grade and above medicinal pills!

    To alchemists, pill recipes were precious, in her spatial space she had quite a few recipes, and most of them were common recipes. However, fifth order and above pill recipes were rare and rarely seen. Therefore, she was unable to determine what sort of medicinal pill he was refining.

    When she saw the turbulent skies, she thought that he was at the last stage of condensing the pills and it would soon lead to the final stage of the refining process. However, another half an hour had passed, thunderous sounds continued sounding through the sky, but it had not struck.

    As she stood by the side observing, she felt like her heart was going to pop out from excitement. The ingredients had been put into the furnace, and they were all considered extremely precious. It looked like he had only prepared enough for one does, if he failed...

    Even though she was not the one refining the pill, but she was even more anxious that he was.

    Another hour had passed. At the same time that Mo Chen retracted his hand and took a step back from the furnace, three heavenly thunders shot down into the furnace. After that, the surrounding was restored to its previous calm. There was now only a rich fragrant scent of medicine that spread through the air....

    It was done? The pill was complete?

    She looked on in shock as she watched him wave his hand once, and the pill flew out from the pill furnace, just one.

    "This is a sixth grade medicinal pill!"

    She exclaimed as she looked at the pill marks and spirit energy that emitted from the pill. And then ...and then she froze.

    spirit energy..... Pill marks.... This, this.... How could she have forgotten such an important thing?

    spirit energy! She had spirit energy in her dantian but she could not condense it! Once spirit energy entered her body, it was immediately absorbed to nourish the green lotus seed. Without spirit energy, she was unable to refine pills!

    Dear God!

    How could she have been so silly? How could she have only just realized that she was unable to refine pills? When she had made the Longevity pill, she had not eaten the lotus seed. Afterwards, she had only cultivated mysterious breath, and when she left Phoenix Empire she was on an air ship controlled by spirit crystal.

    Once she had arrived here, all her spiritual energy was used to nourish the lotus seed. She had thought that she would be able to wait till the lotus seed bloomed. Since she was unable to cultivate her spiritual energy, she concentrated on her mystical energy instead, it was no big deal.

    That was why she had not applied to enter the Spirit Division or the Mystical Division, but entered the Alchemy Division instead. She had forgotten that she needed spirit energy to refine pills!

    No wonder she had felt a bit odd on the day of the assessment, but she couldn't figure out what was wrong. That day, the two tutors had only asked her two questions about refining pills, and had not tested her spirit energy!

    It's over..... It's over this time.....

    How could she have made such a big mistake? If she could not condense her spirit energy, how could she refine pills? It was just her luck that she was the only student in the Alchemy Division, if they found out...

    When she thought about this, her head hurt.

    She did not realize that her body was not totally without spirit energy, after all, her dantian stored all her spirit energy. After so many years of practice, even though she could not condense her spirit energy, there was still spiritual energy within her body. It was precisely because of this that the two teachers and even Mo Chen did not expect that she was not able to condense her spirit energy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Mo Chen glanced at the youth beside him who had gone stiff and his expression pale. The youth was just stood staring at the soul elixir pill in his hand like the sky had fallen down on him. It made him feel a little sorry for him.
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