661 It’s You!

    "What's wrong with you?" He was worried and puzzled.

    Feng Jiu sighed and waved her hand at the man in front of her: "Nothing, I'm okay." No one could help her with this problem, so she was better finding a solution by herself!

    She walked over to the other side, took the blue spirit snake out of the enchanted circle and let it loose. As for the double treasure deer, she bandaged up its wound and also let it loose. These beasts have parts that could be used to make medicine, so they couldn't be killed, or they might become extinct.

    Mo Chen did not speak but quietly observed the youth instead as he released the beasts from the enchanted circle, and he watched the beasts outside of the circle. All of a sudden, the youth turned back to look at him.

    "So let's bid each other farewell now! You have refined your pill and I don't intend to go back yet. So be it then!" Once she had finished speaking, she stepped out and went deep into the forest.

    Though he was surprised at the lonely departure of the youth, he hadn't gone after him. If he was able to kill a ninth order king beast, as long as he was careful, he would be okay.

    Moreover, as his pill was made, he had to go back and get the pill delivered.

    With a wave of his sleeve, the enchanted circles disappeared, then he stepped on his flute and flew out of the forest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Feng Jiu plundered through the forest looking for the two one-horned flame beasts from before. Once she found their base, she would set a formation so that they could not escape. She would then feed them more pills and wait to collect the fire crystals.

    After half a month, she had not only collected fire crystals from all the one-horned flame beasts in the area, but also from all the other spirit beasts with fire properties nearby. The once strong, fierce and arrogant beasts were now half the size they used to be after having been forced to create multiple fire crystals. When they saw Feng Jiu they would turn in the other direction and run away.

    On this evening, a sacred spirit beast with fire properties was so drained that it laid on the floor and did not move.

    "All right, I will let you rest. Eat more and fatten up so that you will be ready for me when I come back next time." Feng Jiu patted the beasts head with a smile then fed him a condensate pill before she walked away feeling satisfied. She heard a deafening roar of a beast accompanied by the sweet voice of a girl.

    She was surprised and walked towards the noise. She came across Ye Jing whom she had met once being chased by a sacred black bear beast. She was surprised to see that her spiritual breath was all over the place and her spiritual energy was nearly exhausted. If she wasn't careful she would be thrown on the ground. The situation was critical.

    "Little black, stop!"

    When the bear heard the commands, it stopped in midair and pulled back its body. The bear turned back to look at the human being and snorted and sat on the ground obediently.

    Ye Jing was in shock as she thought that she was going to be flattened by the black bear. She had not expected the bear to stop when it heard the person shout at it. In that moment of life and death, she had broken out in cold sweat. She stood up immediately and was about to thank the person for saving her life...

    "It's you!"

    She shouted in shock and dismay as she watched the youth walk over to her smiling. When she thought of this person's lecherous behaviour, she had turned pale. She instinctively took a step back and glared at him.
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