663 Easily misunderstood

    Hiding behind a tree not far away, the woman in white was horrified to see the scene in front of her. The big black bear, a Saint rank beast, obeyed the young man's words and pushed Ye Jing to the ground.

    She recognized that the young man in the green robe was the rogue who had taken advantage of Ye Jing in the street that day!

    From the panicked tone of Ye Jing's call for help and the way she was pushed down on the ground, although the view was blocked by a big black bear, it can be inferred that the pervert was about to do something to her...to commit that kind of thing...

    Her palms were sweating and her heart was beating wildly. If Ye Jing lost her innocence here, then...


    Suddenly, the big black bear turned around and roared. Its sharp fangs made people tremble. The Saint ranked beast emitted a powerful pressure like waves of water crashing. It frightened Bai Ruofei who was hiding behind a tree. She didn't dare to stay any longer.

    Whether she died or lived, whether she lost her innocence or not, it was none of her business.

    Seeing the woman in white running away, Feng Jiu's lips curved up. She looked Ye Jing in the eye and said, "Sigh, your companion ran away."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Ye Jing, in a fright, was stunned to hear her. "You, what do you say?" At this time, she even forgot to struggle.

    "It was the woman who stood beside you on the street. She was just over there listening to you calling for help, but now she's running away." As she spoke, she looked at her ankle and saw that she had only sprained her tendons and not hurt her bones. Then she took out the medicine and put it on her, rubbed it for a while, and the medicine penetrated into the skin to soothe her tendons.

    Ye Jing stiffened. She didn't notice Feng Jiu's kneading and pressing. Her mind was filled with thoughts that Ruofei had truly heard her cry for help. Was she going to find someone to save her?

    She was reluctant to think of her friend as unwilling to help. She thought that it was normal for her not daring to rescue her because of the pervert and also the Saint rank beast black bear. She should have gone to get some help.

    "All right." Feng Jiu stood up and started to withdraw. She gave a signal, "Little Black, let her go."

    The big black bear howled. It loosened its grip obediently. It was about walking away but secretly glanced at Feng Jiu. It saw her smiling and watching the bear attentively. It was so frightened so that it crouched in a well-behaved manner.

    Ye Jing, lying on the ground, looked back at the young man who had stepped away. Her eyes fell on her ankle, which had been rubbed and bandaged with medicine. Her face heated up with some embarrassment while somewhat remorseful and also somewhat astonished.

    It seemed that she really misunderstood the young man.

    "I'm sorry." She said apologetically with her head lowered slightly.

    "Never mind, who asked me to look like a pervert?" She waved her hand and sighed.

    Hearing the words, Ye Jing's face turned red and her head hung lower. "I'm sorry, I really, really didn't intentionally misunderstand you."

    "I know, I know. I was the one who hit you on the chest the first time I saw you. It's normal for you to misunderstand." She spoke quickly. Although it was the fact, she did not feel anything at all. After all, there was nothing to be embarrassed about between two women.

    But Ye Jing was different. On hearing this, she blushed like cooked shrimp. She looked up at the young man quickly but saw his casual appearance. Obviously, he didn't mention it intentionally. She bit her lip and lowered her head.

    She had never met anyone like this young man.
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