664 Little Black whos dependent on Feng Jiu

    "How did you provoke Little Black? He's been very obedient recently and hasn't attacked anyone. Why was he chasing you?" Feng Jiu asked as she walked over to Little Black who was crouched down and patted its head.

    "Little, Little Black?" Ye Jing stared at the two to three metres tall black bear in disbelief. That was a sacred beast and it was definitely not small.

    "Yes, Little Black, I picked the name. Don't let it fool you, he is actually a big softie." Feng Jiu smiled and patted the black bear again. Seeing that it hung its head low, she took out a medicinal pill and placed it in the middle of her palm. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Hey, eat it!"

    The big black bear's eyes lit up when it saw the medicinal pill in her palm. It opened its mouth immediately and went forward.

    This made Ye Jing's heart skip a beat. His hand wouldn't be bitten, would it? However, this hadn't happened as the black bear used its tongue to lick the pill up to eat, and then proceeded to lick the young man's face.

    Feng Jiu smiled and moved her head to the side: "Stop playing, sit down nicely."

    Ye Jing was amazed at what she saw. She noticed that Feng Jiu was wearing Nebula's uniform and asked: " Are you a student from Nebula Academy? Are you new to the school this year?" The Medical Division and Alchemy Division wore green clothes. It was said that this year the Alchemy Division had only accepted one student, it couldn't be this young lad? So he was probably from the Medical Division.

    "Yes, I only started this year?" She adjusted her robes and said: "I have to go back now, what about you?"

    Upon hearing this, Ye Jing couldn't help but stroke her ankle and replied: "I can't walk."

    "I know you can't walk. What I meant was do you need help going back?"

    "How can you help?" Ye Jing stared at the young man.

    Feng Jiu broke into a smile and patted the big black bear next to her: "Little Black, carry her."


    The big black bear made a noise and went over to the tiny person and picked her up, then turned to look at Feng Jiu.

    "Let's go!" After staying in the forest for half a month, she had collected enough crystals to allow her to exchange them for what she needed.

    "Wait." Ye Jing who was carried by the big black bear was frightened to move, she looked at Feng Jiu and asked: "My friend....." She had not finished speaking and was interrupted by the young man.

    "Take care of yourself first! Your friend is more quick-witted than you." She continued to walk on ahead while the big black bear stomped after her.

    After a day, they finally left Myriad Beast Mountain Range.

    Feng Jiu looked at Ye Jing who had fallen asleep in Little Black's arms and said: "Little Black, good people help others to the end, send her back to the Spirit Division."

    The big black bear stared at her as it did not know where the Spirit Division was.

    She touched her chin as she thought: "Forget it, let's go back to mine first! You are too conspicuous. If you were to go to the Spirit Division I'm not sure what sort of trouble you would cause." She led the big black bear to her cave dwelling.

    After she had settled Ye Jing in her cave dwelling, she came out to see that Little Black was still crouched down outside and refused to leave. She asked in surprise: "What are you still doing here Little Black? Go back now!"

    "Oh!" Little Black snorted in response and slammed its heavy paws onto the grass repeatedly.

    Feng Jiu asked dumbfoundedly: "You aren't saying that you don't want to go back and you want to stay here now, are you?"
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