665 Did Not Do Any Good Things

    "Oh!" Little Black snorted then howled at her and nudged her. It was usually afraid of her, but if he could have medicinal pills to eat from time to time, it did not want to go back.

    Feng Jiu was stunned and dumbfounded: "This, this isn't very good isn't it?"

    She had quite a lot of beasts and had no need to keep a big black bear! Moreover, she could not sit on it and walk through the markets like Old White. Nor was it like the Cloud Devouring Beast and could turn into a little meatball, or like Fire Phoenix who could turn into a little doll. She had really never thought of keeping it.


    It had stood up suddenly and started banging its huge paws against its chest. It roared loudly, as if it was trying to tell her that it was very strong.

    "Stop stop stop!" Even though there was no one around, but this sight was quite frightening.

    She sighed and thought about it: "How about this. Since you don't wish to go back, you can stay here and guard the cave dwelling entrance for me. When you eventually want to go home, I won't stop you. For now, just sit here obediently and guard the entrance. I have to go ..."

    Before she could finish speaking, she heard the sound of hooves and the voice of the Cloud Devouring Beast.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.


    She turned around and saw Old White with Cloud Devouring Beast on its back and could not help but be a little surprised. Why would Old White allow Cloud Devouring Beast to ride on its back? Moreover, she had not seen them in over half a month, they had not lost weight, but gained weight instead. What happened?

    "What have you been up to recently? Didn't I tell you to guard the cave entrance and not wander if you had no need to?" Her gaze fell onto Cloud Devouring Beast, at least he could speak, unlike Old White who could only snort and make noises.

    "Master, we didn't do any good things." As it spoke, it glared ferociously at the big black bear behind its master.

    "Oh!" The big black bear sprawled down onto the ground immediately and trembled in fear behind Feng Jiu. In the Myriad Beast Mountain Range it was the master, but here it had actually come face to face with a spirit beast.....

    "You didn't do any good things, so you have done bad things then?" Her gaze swept across Cloud Devouring Beast and thought, there was nothing much they could destroy here at the Alchemy Division.

    "Master, your brother came here to look for you and said that he was at the Mysterious Division." Cloud Devouring Beast changed the subject quickly and then laid his head down on Old White's back, not daring to lift his head.

    Upon seeing this Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and didn't ask what they had been up to while she was away. Instead, she gave them some instructions and headed off to the exchange point to change the fire crystals. Then she could go to the Sky Building to get some good items and then go and see Guan Xilin.

    Cloud Devouring Beast let out a big sigh of relief as it watched her departure. At this time, its gaze moved to the big black bear who had hidden behind the tree...

    At the academy's exchange point, Feng Jiu stood there and looked at the middle-aged steward, then asked: "Excuse me, can I exchange fire crystals for contribution points?"

    "Yes of course, of course. As long as you can provide them, we will exchange them for you. Also, contribution points are the same as the task points." The middle-aged steward replied casually, not expecting this young boy to have that many fire crystals with him. After all, one one-horned flame beast only made one fire crystal a year, and the beast would guard the crystal fiercely. So how could this young boy obtain it?

    Upon hearing his words, Feng Jiu took out all the fire crystals from her waist bag and the middle-aged deacon was dumbstruck. Even the students queued up behind him stared at the little mountain of fire crystals, all speechless.....
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