666 Young lad, are you from the Pharmacy Division?

    Feng Jiu pushed the fire crystals, stacked like a small hill, forward."It's a total of three thousand nine hundred and eighty. Please take a look."

    The middle-aged man gulped and looked at the teenager in front of him strangely. "You collected all this by yourself?"


    She had caught almost all the Fire beast family's spirit beasts in the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range, and only then did she collect so many. But when she thought about it, it's not too bad. There were nearly two million contribution points here. She needn't do any tasks for a long time. Besides, it's a good deal to get treasures without spending money.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Hiss! How is that possible? His azure robe shows that he's a student of the Pharmacy Division right? Pharmacy Division students are all weak, they don't have the strength to truss a chicken. How could he collect so many fire crystals?"

    "That's correct. These fire spirit beasts have to be above the sixth-rank before they can produce fire crystals. Moreover, the lowest rank beyond the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range is the one-horned flame beast. It's an extremely agile beast. No ordinary people can catch them, let alone dig out their fire crystals."

    At that moment, a student of the Spirit Master rank in the back paused and then yelled.

    "I see! He must have given those spirit beasts some potions. I went to the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range on a mission. These few days, I had encountered all the fire beasts of sixth-rank and above had their fire crystals dug out. Furthermore, the spirit beasts' numbers had thinned out a lot. They seemed to have been ravaged. This must be his doing!"

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu's eyes blinked and looked at the indignant man in front of her. They were suspecting her ability and her means of getting these items. What did it relate to them? What were these people, who had their bellyful of food, meaning to do?

    Lazy to argue with them, she knocked on the table. "Quickly exchange it for me. I had other things to do!"

    The middle-aged man looked at the young man in front of him, and then counted the fire crystals stacked into a small hill. He wiped his sweat while counting. Such a heavy workload and so many fire crystals he had not seen for so long. He converted nearly two million contribution points at a time. He was afraid that this would alarm the academy teachers, the headmaster and others.

    Half an hour later, the calculation was properly conducted. The middle-aged man put the contribution points to her jade card and re-registered it. When he saw that the young man was turning around and leaving, he was astonished. He thought this young man belonged to the Pharmacy Division, but unexpectedly he came from the Alchemy Division. This division had no students these past few years, so this youngster should be the one who just came in this year.

    Watching this youth leave, several students who exchanged their contributions glanced at each other and followed him.

    The middle-aged man saw this and shouted, "Hey, don't you people want to make an exchange? Why are you all leaving?"

    Feng Jiu walked away, thinking about the kind of treasures the building had in store. What can nearly two million contributions be converted into? She was really looking forward to it, but when she came out of a section of the road, several people already blocked the road ahead.

    She looked up at the people who were behind her at the exchange point earlier. "What are you doing?"

    "Young lad, aren't you from the Pharmacy Division? Your division should have lots of good stuff, right?"

    One of them smiled at the young man with his arms folded across his chest. He completely ignored the gazes of some students around. Obviously, this was not their first time to do such a thing.

    Feng Jiu was stunned, her eyes widened with shock. It was blackmail. Was this the case of old students bullying a new student? She had heard about this in other academies for a long time, but she didn't expect to run into it.

    This gave her a fresh feeling. It's truly...splendid.
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